Sounds great, but how do I sell any car?

Book an Appointment

Let us know a time that works best for you. Book an appointment for a vehicle inspection at your convenience. Book online here or visit our central offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah.

Bring your vehicle

Allow us to give your vehicle a professional inspection. Simply drive your car over to your nearest inspection point and allow us to carry out a free of charge professional inspection.

Get a no-obligation quote

Receive a fair non-obligation quote. Wewill offer you a quote based on the findings of our inspection. But don’t worry this is completely obligation free- the choice to sell is 100% with you.

Happy with the price?

Get paid. If you are happy with the offer that we make you, simply give us a thumbs up and we will put the cash right in your hand there and then! It has never been more simple to sell any car in Dubai!

Avoid the cons and find out what your car is really worth
Find Out and Sell Any Car with Confidence!

Our core principles are transparency and fairness. We don’t hide behind a big corporate office thousands of miles away, we are right with you on the ground helping you to make your sale.

Our mission is to provide confidence to any person that wants to sell any car in UAE.

Our processes are clear and they never differentiate from what we say. You can expect the same 5* treatment every time from us. It doesn’t matter if you are selling us a brand new Porsche or a beaten up car that has seen better days, providing out of this world service to every client is what we do.

Weaim to make every second you spend dealing with us stress free and enjoyable, our vision is to build lifelong relationships with our customers and to provide them with the utmost confidence when using our services. Once you use our service once, you will never again think to sell car anywhere else!

There are no sneaky tricks, unforeseen costs or blackhat tactics when selling with us. Once we have carried out our professional inspection we offer you the fairest possible price based on what we find and in line with the market.

This way you can leave our dealership with total satisfaction, a stack of cash in your pocket and a big smile on your face.


I want to sell my car while avoiding the Lowball bidders and tyre kickers.
Perfect, you are in the right place for that!

Everyone is familiar with the sly tactics of lowball bidders in the car market. They are a universal pain for everyone involved.

Here at Expat Car buyers we have a 0 tolerance policy for low ball offers in our culture. You simply will not find them here.

In all our years in this business, and we have been around for a while now, we have never made an offer to a client that has not been reasonable and fair. And we never will. This means that when you bring your car into us you will leave the premises having been offered a price that will be hard to receive at any other service in the country. Or perhaps the world even!

But what if I want to sell my car online but it has seen better days?

Absolutely no problem. It does not matter if your car has just rolled off the production line and you can still see your reflection in the fresh paint or it has done 10 laps of the globe and has a door missing. It is our passion to buy cars so we will always be able to help you make a sale no matter what the condition of your vehicle!

There is no better way to get the right amount of money for your car with the least amount of headache possible to sell any car in UAE with ExPat Car Buyers.

Your satisfaction is our business

Weguarantee that when you sell any car with us that you will be 100% satisfied with our service. We cut no corners, are always upfront and go the extra mile for our clients. Every. Single. Time.

Here is what you can expect when you come to the best place for selling car in UAE:

  • A guaranteed quick and hassle free sale
  • Secure Finance Settlement
  • On the spot cash in hand payment
  • Safe, secure and trusted process
  • All RTA paperwork taken care of for you
  • 0 hidden or unforeseen costs. What you see is what you get
  • No obligation No pressure quote
  • Free professional car inspection
Sell my car

What makes us the best place to sell used car in UAE?

  • We strive for excellence in every single aspect of our business. And it shows in the service we are able to provide to our clients. When selling your car in Dubai there are a mountain of reasons to sell with us.
  • We will never be beaten on price. You can take your car to every dealership in the country but we can guarantee that none will be able to offer you as much cash as we will. We pride ourselves on providing maximum value to our clients and being the best used car buying company in the country.
  • We doall the heavy lifting for you. No paperwork. No admin. No burned hours dealing with time wasters. Just sit back and let us take care of everything while you simply get paid the most money possible for your car.
  • Our inspection process is totally free of charge. Bring your car in for inspection and decide not to sell to us? That is absolutely fine. All of our inspections are carried out at our cost totally free of charge to our clients.
  • No pushing to make the sale. Unlike many other dealers we will never try to push or manipulate to sell to us. The choice is completely yours. And while we do offer amazing prices, if you decide to not sell with us we will not be at all offended!
  • Headache free sale. Dealing with private buyers can be a painful process. Having the wait around for them to show up. Going on countless test drives. And dealing with ridiculous requests. These are all too common. When selling with us, there is none of this nonsense. We take all the stress out of the process and make it 100% stress free to sell your car

Our Happy Customers

Amazing service. If u want to experience the hassle free way of selling car, this is the best place to go. Been to other companies in past and I must say their service is exeptional.. cheers
I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend
Omar Saeed
I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend
Ajith Kumar
Highly recommend selling your car with the Expat Car Buyers. Fast, genuine service. Very helpful guys. My experience was great and wouldn’t go to any other place in Dubai.
Lucy Komolka
It was very easy as in one stop shop.Transfer of car and cash payment on the spot. The whole thing took under 30 mins and that's what I needed. Thank you guys.
Shafqat Ali
Could sell my car in very short time and got a fair price. Thank you for the excellent service!
Thomas Buchner

Why people trust us?

free car valuation
Free Car Valuation

Get a non-obligation quote for your car Based on the physical condition and the market price.

car ownership transfer
Ownership Transfer

We are authorized by RTA, and our professionals will transfer the car in our office, with no hassles!

finance settlement of your car
Finance Settlement

We clear the outstanding finance on cars and pay the difference to customers.

sell your car and get instant cash
Instant Cash

In just 30 minutes when you sell Your Car, you will receive cash, bank transfer or cheque, based on your choice!

We are one of the most trusted dealers in the region for good reason

Cost free valuation : Wetake the cost of the valuation of your car as our own expense. This means that you can come in and find out the true value of your car for 0 exchange of money. And don’t worry, unlike some other companies we will never try to guilt trip or force you into selling your car to us post inspection. We will assess the condition of your vehicle and the prices of similar cars on the market and provide the highest possible valuation for you.

Professionally Authorized: The RTA has officially recognised and authorized us to handle ownership transfer. This means that you do not have to give a second thought to dealing with this tricky and long winded process yourself. Our in-house professionals will make the transfer for you totally stress free. And you can sell your car without having to think about the boring documentation!

Settlement of outstanding finance: You may be wanting to sell your car but have outstanding finance agreements on it. This may be a problem for some dealers, but for us it is absolutely not. Simply bring your car in, we will settle the outstanding amount of finance and we will even pay you the difference!

Instant payment: When you sell your car with us we aim to make sure that you get your money within just 30 minutes of the sale. If this is cash in hand, bank transfer or cheque we can do them all, whatever works best for you, works best for us!

Frequently Asked Questions

With our fast car selling steps you can easily sell your car in Dubai and walk away with cash in 30 minutes!

All you need to do is drop by our office located in the UAE to schedule an appointment.

Choose the date and time that suits you best for selling your car in Dubai. On that day, bring your car for valuation to be conducted by our highly skilled experts.

Once your car’s inspection is completed, we will then evaluate your car within minutes and offer best price in market with no obligations.

You can complete the transaction then and there. If you accept our offer and decide to sell your car to us, we will handle all paperwork and Instant cash will be paid to you.

Selling your car in UAE has never been easier!

You have the option to receive your payment via check, cash or bank transfer when you decide to sell your car with us.

The documents you must bring are:

  • Valid UAE ID.
  • Valid Car Registration.
  • Service history (if applicable).

Yes, the amount will be deducted from the offer we make for your car, and we will take care of all the paperwork. Selling your car means overcoming financial and advertising hurdles. We buy any car no matter what the circumstances may be.

In addition to taking care of the loan, we will buy a bank-financed car. You will receive a balanced amount after we pay off the loan. There's no need to worry about any of that. Bring your car in and get cash right away.

We offer a free online car evaluation tool that is very simple to use. Just enter the following information:

1. Your car's make.

2. Your car’s model.

3. Your car’s year.

4. Your car’s mileage.

Lastly, you must provide your contact information to receive the car evaluation.

You can sell any car in the UAE within the 30-day grace period after your visa expires or is cancelled. Within that period, you can present your passport as a Valid ID at the RTA.

Transferring ownership of a vehicle is a complicated task, so an expert service ( is here to assist! Expat Car Buyers will help you sell any car Dubai and will walk you through the whole process of purchasing and transferring ownership of your used car. After you seal the deal and decide to sell your vehicle to us, we handle all paperwork and transfers. You just have to sell your car to us! You just leave that up to us and you don’t have to manage with any hassle of transferring ownership.

You can sell any car in the UAE within the 30-day grace period after your visa expires or is cancelled. Within that period, you can present your passport as a Valid ID at the RTA.

What steps do we take to ensure the fairest valuation of your car?

When assessing the value of your car we take into consideration as many factors as we can to ensure that you get the very best price available. We are unique in our approach in that we believe a professional inspection at our cost will result in the best big picture valuation for you.

The questions we will assess are:
How much mileage has the car done? Typically the more miles a car has on the clock, the higher the chance that it is going to require work on it in the future to keep it road worthy.

What general condition is the car in? A visual inspection looking for any dents, scratches or marks as well as a mechanical inspection will give an overall view of how well the car has been looked after and what its value is.

Has the car been involved in any accidents or required any repairs in the past? A car that has previously been in an accident or has had to have many repairs done is worth less value than one which has not.

How well has the car been maintained and serviced? A car with a good history of maintenance and service will be of more value as it has a proven track record of reliability and performance.

How much demand does the car have? Simple supply and demand economics for each car model will affect the price either positively or negatively.

What is the reputation of the make and model? Cars which have the reputation for being of high quality and reliability almost always demand higher value than those with a negative reputation.

How efficient is the fuel performance? In today's sustainably conscious world there is more value than ever put on the performance of cars fuel output.

What technology and features does the car have? Cars which have modern up to date technology such as bluetooth and on board navigations are more in demand than older models.

What time of the year is it? Cars' values move with the seasons. The demand for cars with sunroofs increases in the summer and the opposite is true in the winter.

How is the market moving? Just like any market, the car market moves with the economy. When times are good prices are higher and when people are struggling more financially then prices will drop.

How many previous owners has the car had? A car with fewer previous owners and clean history has a higher perceived value than one which has moved from hand to hand more frequently.

To decide on your car's value we take all of this information into consideration to generate the best overall price so that when you sell any car in Dubai with us you know you are getting the very fairest price possible!

Reason to not sell with Expat Car Buyer?

While we strive to make our service the immediate go to for anyone who wants to sell their car online, in Dubai for cash, we understand that sometimes we are not perfect for everyone.

It can sometimes be the case that sales on the private market attract slightly higher prices than with our service but that comes with significant costs in other areas.

If you wish to sell privately you must be prepared to deal with the headaches of taking attractive photos, crafting a compelling advert and paying to promote this on various platforms.

And this is before you have even had to deal with any potential buyers. It is likely that you will have to wade through tons of timewasters, unreliable people and potential scammers before you finally make the sale on the private market.

While you can potentially earn a fractionally higher price, to us, it seems like an awful lot of suffering for very little gain.

‘I don’t want to go through all this in order to sell my car in Dubai!’

No problem, this is why we exist, to take away all of these pains and make it easy, simple and trustworthy for people in UAE to sell their cars.

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