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Sell My Honda

Why should I sell my Honda at low prices to the neighbor if I could get more at ExpatCarBuyers? Yes, you are right. Honda is one of the cars known for its strength, durability, and affordability. Many people in UAE buy Honda cars to commute because it can withstand the sand and heat while also offering great features at wallet-friendly prices. ExpatCarBuyers knows best how good Honda is when it comes to good resale value. Instead of giving up your used Honda for low prices at random people, we recommend you to sell your Honda in the UAE to Honda experts like us. We meticulously inspect your car so we rest assured you will get the price you are going to appreciate. You have no obligation to sell your used Honda to us but who else could get you better prices and seal the deal just in 30 minutes or less? If you sell your Honda for urgent matters, we are your most potential buyer ever.

What does Honda mean to the automobile industry? Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is Japanese corporation primarily known as manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, power equipment, and other industrial products. Honda was the first Japanese automobile company to release a luxury car brand, Acura in 1986. The history of Honda began in 1946 when it was founded by the engineering guru Soichiro Honda. In the hands of the genius, Honda now becomes the sixth largest car manufacturer in global automobile market and one of the car manufacturers that are always evolving with better innovation and technology. Honda pays so much attention to research and development that it invested about 5.7% of its revenues, or US$6.8 billion, for this division in 2013. But, Honda should be glad that today, it employs the most fuel-efficient systems in its gasoline vehicles and becomes one of the few automobile companies that invested in an eco-friendly, alternative energy-based vehicle through the creation and development of the Civic Hybrid.

Below are the most popular Honda cars in world including in the UAE.

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Sell MyHonda CR-V

Honda CR-V is a compact crossover designed by car engineer Hiroyuki Kawase in 1993. It was sold in 1995 in its home country and just a couple of years later in the global markets. The CR-V was advertised as the “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle”. During its 20 years in the global market, the CR-V shows great improvement over time.

Sell MyHonda Accord

Honda Accord was debuted in 1976 so now it is already in the tenth generation. The Accord comes in different body types including coupes, hatchbacks, and wagons. Its latest generation has a sleeker look completed with modern features and superb performance.

Sell MyHonda Civic

Honda Civic is one of the oldest cars manufactured by Honda. Over ten generations, the Civic has undergone consistent improvement. This model has also been modified to create other popular Honda cars namely CR-V, CR-X, Honda Concerto, and others.

Sell My Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is a Honda minivan popular in Japan and North America for its spaciousness, practicality, and apparently performance. Odyssey was originally made for international markets but came out to be more popular in the local market.

Honda has a long list of outstanding cars that are difficult to name it one by one. Honda targets almost all market segments is one of the reasons. To own a Honda car and sell it should be easy. Yet, many owners were tricked by ‘bad’ buyers to sell it incredibly cheap. Thus, we invite you to come to our location and let us give you the fairest car for your Honda. If you think of selling your Honda Civic, Accord, or other else, no better place than ExpatCarBuyers. Where can I sell my Honda? You now know the answer.