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Sell My BMW

Are you looking forward to selling your BMW cars instantly for cash value, look no further, you are a moment a way from achieving that. The age, condition and state of your BMW car is the least of our worries, all that is needed is your decision to sell.

We know that sometimes getting individuals interested in purchasing your BMW cars can be quite frustrating and hectic, your model might not fall within their spec and they sometimes may not have the financial capacity to pay immediately. Regardless the BMW model you want to sell , expatcarbuyers is always interested in exchanging your cars for reasonable values instantly after a few procedures like Evaluation has taken place based on current market price.

sell your bmw in dubai and get best price for your car

How do you initiate the sales?

Simply fill the from to show interest, book an appointment with us and bring your vehicles to our office, we are conscious of your precious time and we have agents waiting to attend to you. Selling your car to us means you get to enjoy.

Prompt services/ instant payment

There are no delays of any kind in our operations, you will in fact get your cash, cheque or bank transfer based on your choice in 30 minutes.

A guarantee to beat any other quote by at least 500 AED

Free car valuation

Its a non-obligation quote for your car, based on the physical condition and the market price.

Cleared finance

Expatcarbuyers will go to the extent of clearing the outstanding finance on your cars and pay the difference.

We also handle all the paper works for our clients, these and many more opportunities our clients enjoy, our years of experience has enabled us come up with ways to serve our customers better.

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke,1916) is a significant name in the automobile industry, they engage in producing luxury automobiles and motorcycles and also aircraft engines until a particular period. Its products are topnotch and one of the most demanded worldwide, if you have a BMW you wish to sell for one reason Or the other, it is still well demanded. So have you said to yourself, "I want to"


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  • Sell my BMW 4 series
  • Sell my BMW M6 Gran Coupe 2018
  • Sell my BMW X1
  • Sell my BMW X6
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  • Sell my BMW Z4
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  • Sell my BMW X5
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  • Sell my BMW X4
  • Sell my BMW i3
  • Sell my BMW i8
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  • Sell my BMW M2

We engage in buying just any version you might currently have and you are willing to sell, as said earlier we guarantee to beat any other quote by at least 500 AED, you are sure to have your BMW exchanged for a good amount.