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Sell My Ford

Let’s face it. Your bond with your car is not as eternal as you used to think. The love in the first sight could somehow be faded by time, and there would be moment where you start wondering if you should get yourself a brand-new car and asking yourself “where should I sell my car Ford then?” Fortunately, the seemingly ‘tragic’ ending story does not have to be that tragic for you. We, ExpatCarBuyers, is here to make sure your old darling is highly valued with respect of your money, time, and memories invested in it. Years spent assisting customers throughout UAE and all closed with a happy ending, it is not too much to say we are the no 1 car buying company in UAE. And, our name is renowned amongst domestic to overseas car enthusiasts. We are ExpatCarBuyers, the company that buys any Ford car in any condition, in 30 minutes, in UAE.

Ford is the pride of the Ford Automobile company founded by Henry Ford in 1903. It is one of the oldest in the automobile industry and considered as the most popular American automobile company in the world. Its popularity started with the first exhibition of the Mustang (1965-present) in 1964 at the New York Worlds’ Fair that unexpectedly brings ‘power’ to the tight competition. Known well enough with its powerful cars, Ford is tirelessly diversifying its products to penetrate different market segments: The Ford Edge (2006-present) with many color options and advanced safety features in the mid-size SUV class, Ford Expedition (1997-present) with powerful engine and advanced safety features for on-and-off-road abilities, Ford Explorer (1990-present) with spacious cabin and generous family-friendly features, Ford Escape (2000-present) with advanced infotainment, and Ford Focus (1998-present) with sporty performance and great practicality. All Ford cars are a success and have a special place in the heart of car enthusiasts.

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Sell My Ford Mustang

Mustang is the very first ‘sweetheart’ of Ford since its debut in 1964. Its exclusivity and uniqueness would make it pretty easy to standout even in the crowd of much more pricey European sports cars. Plus, its generation-to-generation transformations and updates in terms of handling and performance makes no direct competition for this muscle car. The fifth generation 2018 Mustang is ready lining up in the competition with more powerful engine and more advanced safety tech features.

Sell My Ford Edge

Since its launching at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006, Ford Edge has been surprisingly unique even for unique Ford cars. A new family, business look is what it is. It is definitely not meant to be an off-roader as its older fellows. However, it received good feedbacks and just one year after the first generation, in 2007, Ford Edge brought in 5 awards as the Best Cars for Families by AAA and Parents Magazine, Top Safety Pick by IIHS, one of the world’s 10 Best Engines by Ward, and Urban Truck of the Year by on Wheels, Inc, as well as J.D. Power and Associates in APEAL Award.

Sell My Ford Expedition

Great for its on-road and off-road abilities is all Ford Expedition about. First launched in 1997, this full-size SUV is loved for its large space, comfort and great infotainment system. Many believe Ford Expedition is among the cheapest SUVs for a long term. Good news is in the newest generation, 2018 Ford Expedition it would be presented with a facelift, more power, and different modern safety features for better reliability.

Sell My Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer is Ford’s first ever 4-door SUV. It is family friendly, perfect for daily travel and starting new adventures. If in the previous generations, it is well known for its spacious, comfortable cabin. The fifth generation is about to come with the latest technological upgrades for greater safety and reliability.

Sell Ford Escape

Ford Escape is produced by Ford in conjunction with Mazda. Since 2000, Ford already released three generations of Ford Escape. The 2018 Ford Escape would come with a great deal of upgrades, making it even more attractive alternative in the compact crossover vehicle segment. Infotainment upgraded with voice recognition technology, leather upholstery, heated side mirrors, rear parking sensors, and power lift gate make this car visually sophisticated and user friendly.

Sell My Ford Focus

Ford Focus was launched in 1998, and since then has already released four generations. The car is made for greater on- and off-road driving experience with great comfort for 5. It might not be the most fuel-efficient, but its durability, practicality and user-friendly infotainment make it still worth for fans of a sporty drive.

Ford is a legend, but even good stuff has its end – maybe this time, in your life. Changes in your activities, residence, familial structure, and even interest can make you turn your back on it for another model, or even another car make! In a scene that you are a great fan of Ford automobile, you might think some upgrade in the latest generation is worth considering in order to better accommodate your needs. Also, selling your Ford Mustang for another new one – does not sound any bad at all! It never hurts to listen to your needs and brings in some fresh car into your driving experience.

Just like our expertise in Ford, we are what dedication means when you think about professional service with some value of great human interconnection in car buying industry. With us, a friendly, happy atmosphere is always around. Our trained Ford experts will, with all their heart, assist you through the whole process since the time you access our website and book an appointment to visit our nearest location. Our online quote generator is exclusively designed to provide you the most convenient way to check your car’s worth in the most accurate numbers possible before you sell your Ford in Dubai. Interested and want to make an even better final deal on the spot? Our helpful team will work with you to come to an agreed price you are comfortable with. Their professional advice, a great level of hospitality, and of course a competitive price will definitely make your Ford selling experience painless and surprisingly enjoyable.