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Our commitment lies in transparency and fair service for anyone looking to sell any car in UAE.

We understand that with so many companies offering to buy used cars at attractive prices, it can be a labyrinth for car sellers to navigate. However, we aim to cut through the confusion.

We are upfront about our pricing and won't try to lowball you with a low offer, that undervalues your car's worth.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, offering not just a transaction but a service that leaves you satisfied.

Selling a car is more than just an exchange; it's about getting the right price that reflects your car's condition and market value.

We understand the competitive and challenging nature of the UAE car market.

Therefore, we guide you with a balanced pricing approach, ensuring your expectations align with the market dynamics.

Let's change the way you sell cars - starting with transparency and ending with your satisfaction.


Tired of Lowball Offers?
Discover how to Sell My Car at Right Price

Are you looking to say Goodbye to your beloved ride in Dubai?

We buy any car no matter its make, model, age or condition.

Whether you own a compact sedan, a luxury SUV, or even a stylish sports car, we've got just the deal for you!

Selling your car has never been easier with our seamless and hassle-free car selling services. We go above and beyond to ensure you get the best value for your wheels.

Whether you want to sell any car online or a used car in Dubai, we've got you covered.

Got a non-running or a scrap car?

No problem!

Our team of car experts are proficient at evaluating and appreciating the worth of every car that comes our way.

You can count on us to offer you top money for your car even if it seems unroadworthy.

From iconic Japanese and Korean cars to prestigious German and American brands, our passion for cars knows no bounds.

Whether it's an Audi, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Mercedes Benz, GMC, Jaguar, Ford, Maserati, Volkswagen, Volvo, or any other, we are ready to make you an irresistible offer!

So, if you're thinking, "I want to sell my car in Dubai," come to us for a stress-free and rewarding car selling experience.

Let us take care of the process while you relax and get the best deal for your beloved car!

Your Happiness,
Our Priority: Our Guarantee in Every Transaction

  • Guaranteed Speedy Sale.
  • Easy Car Dealing Process.
  • Secure Finance Settlement.
  • Instant Cash Payment.
  • No Costs, No obligation.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • All RTA paperwork handled.
  • No Hidden Costs.
  • Free Car Evaluation.
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What Makes us a Trusted Choice for Selling Cars in Dubai?

When it comes to selling your car for cash, there are many reasons to choose us:

  • We ensure that you receive the highest price on the market guaranteeing that you get the right value for your car.
  • We strive to make the process of selling your car as effortless as possible.
  • We offer free car valuations so you can get an understanding of what your cars’ worth.
  • We take care of all the tedious RTA paperwork.

Our Happy Customers

Amazing service. If u want to experience the hassle free way of selling car, this is the best place to go. Been to other companies in past and I must say their service is exeptional.. cheers
I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend
Omar Saeed
I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend
Ajith Kumar
Highly recommend selling your car with the Expat Car Buyers. Fast, genuine service. Very helpful guys. My experience was great and wouldn’t go to any other place in Dubai.
Lucy Komolka
It was very easy as in one stop shop.Transfer of car and cash payment on the spot. The whole thing took under 30 mins and that's what I needed. Thank you guys.
Shafqat Ali
Could sell my car in very short time and got a fair price. Thank you for the excellent service!
Thomas Buchner

Why people trust us?

free car valuation
Free Car Valuation

Get a non-obligation quote for your car Based on the physical condition and the market price.

car ownership transfer
Ownership Transfer

We are authorized by RTA, and our professionals will transfer the car in our office, with no hassles!

finance settlement of your car
Finance Settlement

We clear the outstanding finance on cars and pay the difference to customers.

sell your car and get instant cash
Instant Cash

In just 30 minutes when you sell Your Car, you will receive cash, bank transfer or cheque, based on your choice!

Why not Sell My Car with Expat
Car Buyers?

At Expat Car Buyers we understand that selling your car in the UAE can be challenging.

That's why we're here to make the process easy and simple while ensuring it's quick and profitable for you.

With our reliable and trusted expertise and knowledge of the UAE car industry rest assured that you'll get the best deal for your used car.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our fast car selling steps you can easily sell your car in Dubai and walk away with cash in 30 minutes!

All you need to do is drop by our office located in the UAE to schedule an appointment.

Choose the date and time that suits you best for selling your car in Dubai. On that day, bring your car for valuation to be conducted by our highly skilled experts.

Once your car’s inspection is completed, we will then evaluate your car within minutes and offer best price in market with no obligations.

You can complete the transaction then and there. If you accept our offer and decide to sell your car to us, we will handle all paperwork and Instant cash will be paid to you.

Selling your car in UAE has never been easier!

You have the option to receive your payment via check, cash or bank transfer when you decide to sell your car with us.

The documents you must bring are:

  • Valid UAE ID.
  • Valid Car Registration.
  • Service history (if applicable).

Yes, the amount will be deducted from the offer we make for your car, and we will take care of all the paperwork. Selling your car means overcoming financial and advertising hurdles. We buy any car no matter what the circumstances may be.

In addition to taking care of the loan, we will buy a bank-financed car. You will receive a balanced amount after we pay off the loan. There's no need to worry about any of that. Bring your car in and get cash right away.

We offer a free online car evaluation tool that is very simple to use. Just enter the following information:

1. Your car's make.

2. Your car’s model.

3. Your car’s year.

4. Your car’s mileage.

Lastly, you must provide your contact information to receive the car evaluation.

You can sell any car in the UAE within the 30-day grace period after your visa expires or is cancelled. Within that period, you can present your passport as a Valid ID at the RTA.

Transferring ownership of a vehicle is a complicated task, so an expert service ( is here to assist! Expat Car Buyers will help you sell any car Dubai and will walk you through the whole process of purchasing and transferring ownership of your used car. After you seal the deal and decide to sell your vehicle to us, we handle all paperwork and transfers. You just have to sell your car to us! You just leave that up to us and you don’t have to manage with any hassle of transferring ownership.

You can sell any car in the UAE within the 30-day grace period after your visa expires or is cancelled. Within that period, you can present your passport as a Valid ID at the RTA.

How do we determine the value of your car?

Mileage: Higher mileage indicates more frequent car maintenance and repairs.

Condition: Cars with visible damage, dents, scratches, or mechanical issues will sell for less than those in excellent condition.

Accidents and Repairs: A car with a history of accidents or significant repairs may lose its value, even if it has been adequately repaired. Buyers often prefer cars with a clean accident history.

Service and Maintenance History: Regular service and maintenance records can positively impact your car's value, indicating that the car has been well taken care of and may have a reduced risk of future issues.

Market Demand: Supply and demand in the used car market can influence prices. If there's a high demand for a specific make or model, its value may remain higher.

Brand and Model Reputation: Certain car brands and models are known for their reliability and durability, which can positively impact your car’s resale value. On the other hand, cars with a history of reliability issues may lose value more rapidly.

Fuel Efficiency: As environmental concerns grow and fuel prices fluctuate, fuel-efficient cars often hold their value better than gas guzzlers.

Features and Technology: Cars with outdated technology and features may not hold their value as well as those with modern amenities and safety features.

Seasonal and Regional Factors: The time of year and the location of the sale can also affect a used car's value. For example, convertibles might be more desirable in summer, while four-wheel-drive vehicles may have higher demand in areas with harsh winters.

Market Conditions: General economic conditions, inflation rates, and fluctuations in the automotive market can also influence the value of used cars.

Title and Ownership History: A car with a clean title and a limited number of previous owners may retain more value than one with a history of salvage titles or multiple owners.

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