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Bring your vehicle

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Sell Any Car Dubai to Expat Car
Buyers in Just 30 Minutes?

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to sell any car Dubai and anywhere in the UAE but don’t know where to start? Maybe stuck in a time crunch where you are leaving the country in a hurry and don’t have time to Sell your car? Or even just being so busy that you want to sell car and don’t have the time! We have the solution you need! Selling any car in Dubai is not an easy task. Maybe you have spent more time and money paying for classified ads, dealing with random buyers who just want to low ball you, and even taking the time to have any repairs done. All of this will little to no success in selling your automobile. Expat Car Buyers will give you CASH for your car, and you can Sell any car in Dubai in 30 minutes of less! Trying to manage accounts and ads on various platforms for car selling, you won’t go any further once you choose to use Expat Car Buyers that is a leading name in the Car buying industry. Sell any Car Dubai and around the UAE for a great price in record time! You can sell any motor car online with ease and comfort knowing you are in good hands

It is important to us that we make you feel comfortable when you aution your car. No need to worry about the make, model, condition, year of the car. Selling any car in Dubai is a hassle-free process when you come to Expat Car Buyers. Say goodbye to the problems you face selling any car like scheduling appointments or posting classifieds and dealing with many people trying to bargain with you. Expat Car Buyers give you a convenient and pleasant experience to Sell any Car Dubai. You won’t be disappointed. Once you finish the car valuation process, you will understand the value of your car in the UAE for what its worth! You get a fair quote and will walk away with CASH.

Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell your car in UAE

Sell Any Car With Us!

We even guarantee to beat any other quote

  • Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell your car in UAE Free valuation… and the best possible quote.
  • Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell your car in UAE Years of experience… from industry veterans.
  • Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell your car in UAE Expedited process no more wasted time.
  • Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell your car in UAE No stress… we handle all paperwork, so you don’t have to.

We keep the car selling process
Simple, Fast & Profitable!

Making a trip to the used car dealerships or visiting UAE’s auto market will get you offers for your used car in minutes. This, however, has a downside and these used car dealerships in UAE will not offer you the best value for your car. They also need to earn a profit and must cover overheads. This does not make for a good option if you are looking to sell at the best price. Another option for sellers is to sell any car Dubai through Classified websites or social media mediums. What is good about these options is that they are usually free to use. That being said, the biggest pitfall is that you have the hassle of coordinating and dealing with difficult buyers or strangers along with making sure to avoid not getting ripped off when you sell your car Dubai.

When you want to Sell any Car Dubai Make the right choice for an easy and seamless experience with Expat Car Buyers Dubai. Whether you are in a rush to sell, taking your time, or planning to buy a new car; you can sell your car to Expat Car Buyers and we will make sure to give you a fast and easy experience. You aren’t able to come directly to us in person? No problem! You can simply sell your car online! By following a few simple steps, we can help you sell your used car through your computer or mobile phone. Make sure you come to Expat Car Buyers to sell your car with ease and offer you a fair price for your car. It doesn’t matter the condition, age, make, or model; we will guarantee to take it off your hands for a fair amount. With our easy step by step process, you can Sell Any Car Dubai with us.

1st Step: We offer a free car evaluation with every enquiry. Next we can assist and take charge to organize the Ownership Transfer. 3rd Step: with our tie-ups with all banks in Dubai, we will clear any debts or outstanding finance on the car and pay the difference. 4th Step: You get the cash, cheque or bank transfer from us in just 30 minutes!

Sell any car Dubai doesn’t have to be difficult!

Take advantage of the professional car inspection and the fast car buying service by Expat Car Buyers - the flawless substitute to time-consuming and tiring commercials. offers free car de-registration, parts trade and settlement of bank car loans. In any condition we offer you a fast, easy, and just car buying service.

Sell any Car, Sell Your car in Dubai, Sell your car in UAE

Free Car Valuation

We provide a non-obligation quote for your car, based on the physical condition and the market price.

Sell any Car, Sell Your car in Dubai, Sell your car in UAE

Ownership Transfer

We are authorized by RTA, and our professionals will transfer the car in our office, with no hassles!

Sell any Car, Sell Your car in Dubai, Sell your car in UAE

Finance Cleared

We will even clear the outstanding finance on cars and pay difference to customers.

Sell any Car, Sell Your car in Dubai, Sell your car in UAE

Instant Cash

In just 30 minutes when you Sell your car, you will receive cash, bank transfer or cheque, based on your choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell my car in UAE?

In just a few simple steps, you can leave by Sell any car in Dubai online and a pocket full of cash! All you have to do is visit us at, give us a call, or visit us at our office on Sheikh Zayed Road and Book an Appointment! Set a date and time that is convenient for you to Sell any Car Dubai. Next step is to come in with your vehicle on the date you picked for your appointment for a FULL inspection by our highly qualified specialists. An inspection of your vehicle will be performed by one of our qualified vehicle specialists and will involve a quick test drive. The test drive helps us to assess the true market value of your vehicle. Once the inspection is done, our vehicle purchaser will provide you with a price at which we will offer to buy your car on the spot. You will Sell your car Right then and there! If you accept our offer and agree to Sell my Car to us, we will complete all of the necessary paperwork and pay you.
The quote will be based on a combination of the condition of the vehicle and the current market price. If you agree to our offer, you accept and sign the formalities and sell your car to us. You leave with your choice of cheque, cash, or bank transfer! It is as simple as that! When you decide to Sell a Car in Dubai with Expat Car Buyers, you can be assured you are in good hands. We make the process easy, reliable, and fair. Book an appointment online at or call us at 04 333 7876 to Sell any Car in Dubai! See you soon!

We take pride in the ability to buy your car in 30 minutes or less. So, you can feel the freedom of not wasting time going through vigorous paperwork, dealing with people trying to bargain with you, and running around to many places trying to get an evaluation and selling a car in Dubai. We can do it all at one spot in 30 minutes! Book an appointment today and you will experience the convenience for yourself to sell your car In Dubai!

I am moving to another country, how can I sell my car in Dubai fast?

We have high fluctuation rates in the Middle East, especially in the GCC. The subject of relocating to another country comes up often. The last thing you need is to complicate things by selling any Car when you're still dealing with moving, visa cancellation, packing, and getting rid of furniture, among other things. relieves you of the stress of selling your car. We'll give you a good price and guarantee to buy your car in 30 minutes or less. So feel free to keep your car until your last day in town, knowing that will buy any car on time and you can sell any car Dubai on time!

Yes you can! Any outstanding finance on your vehicle can be settled via us. Please keep in mind that you will need to have an up-to-date letter from your finance firm or bank with a current settlement amount. The sum paid to you for your car will be the difference from your loan settlement amount. You then can sell your car to us. We'll take care of your unpaid balance with the bank.

We will buy any vehicle from a regular passenger car, to trucks, and even transit vans. We literally buy any car in UAE! By going to the We Buy Any Car tab on the top of our website, you can see all the makes and models we can give an online evaluation for. Its as easy as that to Sell Any Car in Dubai. If your vehicle is not on the list, you can make an appointment to have your car seen by our experts to give a full inspection and valuation. Its simple and easy to Sell any Car Dubai & in UAE.

Our car-buying expertise, combined with our in-depth industry knowledge, allows us to assess cars realistically and in light of the current market situation.

We will make you a practical and fair quote based on the information you provide online and the on-site evaluation performed by our qualified professionals for you to feel at ease to sell any car. We guarantee to buy any car we test, so if you accept our bid, you can sell your car right away and we'll take care of the rest - all in under 30 minutes! There will be no haggling from our side. It's not a problem.

What documents are needed from me?

Be sure that you bring the following important documents with you to your appointment with us:

- Original registration card

- Passport copy or any other government-issued ID such as EID and Driving license

- All sets of car keys, if available.

- Registered owner’s bank account details

- Service history record

- If the vehicle has any outstanding finance with the bank, a letter with the settlement amount from the bank or finance company will be required.

Be sure to remove all of your personal affects and belongings before you come to the appointment so when you Sell your car, you won’t miss out on your items.

We Don't Charge any Extra hidden Fees for Selling your car with us. We will provide you absolutely free paper work and Free RTA Transfer.

Transferring ownership of a vehicle is a complicated task, so an expert service ( is here to assist! Expat Car Buyers will help you sell any car Dubai and will walk you through the whole process of purchasing and transferring ownership of your used car. After you seal the deal and decide to sell your vehicle to us, we handle all paperwork and transfers. You just have to sell your car to us! You just leave that up to us and you don’t have to manage with any hassle of transferring ownership.

Yes! Just remember to carry the following to your onsite inspection:
- A registered Photo ID (Emirates ID, Passport)
- You must have a signed letter from a company official authorizing the sale of the car.
- All Sets of car keys if available
- Any and all records and manuals pertaining to the car.
- The title/current payoff letter and the vehicle's registration card (if applicable).

What people are saying?

What people are saying?

Why Choose Us to Sell Any Car?

We specialize in buying used cars! Our company's goal is to assist you in selling your vehicle in a fast, reasonable, and simple manner. We've been in the automotive industry for many years and we provide outstanding service while still providing excellent value for our customers' used cars.

By choosing to sell your car to us, you will avoid:

● Paying to advertise to sell your car in UAE.
● Strangers coming to your house for a viewing and a test drive.
● Leaving your vehicle on the market for months as its value plummets.
● Keeping up with your car's repair and insurance payments as you wait for it to be sold.

You can sell your car in 30 minutes and walk away with cash in your pocket with our hassle-free service.

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