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Steps to sell your car

Selling your car has never been easier! With Expat Car Buyers hassle-free car selling service, there are just three easy steps to sell your car. If you are ready to sell your car for cash, first fill out our inquiry form online, book an appointment for an in-person car inspection and valuation, and then finalize the sale.

Expat Car Buyers will gladly purchase your car regardless of its age, condition or make and model and we buy cars for cash. We buy the car in its current condition – even if it fails the RTA – making the process simple and quick for you. After you agree to our offer, Expat Car Buyers will instantly give you cash for your car in your hand of send it via bank transfer. We will also take care of submitting all required documents.

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How to sell your car through Expat Car Buyers

Expat Car Buyers knows that it can be hard for expats to sell their used cars quickly and at a good price. The used car market in the UAE is very competitive, with a large demand for specific makes and models. And if you happen to own an unpopular make or model, selling your car can be even more difficult.

That is why Expat Car Buyers makes selling your car fast and effortless. We will even take care of all the complex and timely paperwork that is required for a smooth handover.

The process is simple and quick. When you sell your car with Expat Car Buyers you get a free car inspection and valuation, instant payment and all the paperwork processed by us without any extra charges.

If you are interested in selling your used car with Expat Car Buyers fast and hassle-free service, start by filling out the simple form on our car selling website. It’s free and requires no obligation from your side. Next, you can book an appointment for an in-person car inspection and valuation at your convenience. Our team of inspectors will come to you or you can visit our office. The whole inspection takes just 10 minutes! If you are happy with the offer, just complete the sale and get paid. Expat Car Buyers will take care of transferring the registration, settling any bank loans and any other processes.

Expat Car Buyers is ready to purchase any vehicle you want to sell regardless of its make, model, age or condition. We will even purchase cars that are financed and will take care of all the necessary paperwork. If your car has failed the RTA, has expired registration, fines, or any other issue – do not worry. You can sell any car to Expat Car Buyers!

We Keep The Car Selling Process

simple, fast, and profitable!

How faulty can it be? Broken door(s), no radio, no tyres, or not starting? Relax! We accept your car just as it is

Of course! There are various ways available to sell your car in UAE, and due to this reason, sellers often look out and ensure that they get the best out of every of the deals. We understand this fact, and that is why we offer you the best deal here at expatcarbuyers. After you might have taken the most important step by contacting, we ensure that you go through the easiest and fastest process to sell any car in 30minutes.


We consider the current market value price and condition of
your car, then give you a non-obligate quote.


If an agreement is reached, we provide you with
crucial documents for ownership transfer.


Besides the aforementioned advantages, we also clear
any debt issued on the car and settle you with a reasonable difference.


We will go with any of your choice, a bank
transfer, cheque, etc. in a maximum of 30minutes.


To sell your car with Expat Car Buyers quick and hassle-free process, begin by letting us know you want to sell your car by filling out our non-obligation car valuation form online. You can then book an appointment for a car inspection. You can visit our office for that or a member of our team will visit you at home or work to inspect your vehicle and then make an offer to you on the spot. If you are happy with that, you can get instant cash for your car by finalizing the deal.

With Expat Car Buyers you can begin the sale process online. After you have filled out our inquiry form, you can then book a quick in-person valuation and inspection appointment. The whole process just takes 10 minutes to inspect and evaluate your car. If you’re happy with our offer, the purchase can be finalized on the spot, and we will take care of the rest – settling bank loans, all sale procedures and even clearing your black points.

All cars sold and bought in Dubai must follow the strict guidelines and procedures set out at the Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA). If, for example, your car has an outstanding bank loan, those must be paid first to sell your used car as RTA has a record of all car loans in Dubai.

Cars are also required to pass the RTA’s annual roadworthiness inspection prior to being sold, but not with Expat Car Buyers. We will buy any car – even those who have failed the RTA testing. For normal car sales in Dubai, there is a lengthy procedure at the RTA Center.

The good news is that when you sell your car with Expat Car Buyers, you don’t have to worry about any of these procedures and rules – we will take care of it all for you. Expat Car Buyers has a unique partnership with RTA and Tasjeel as well an inhouse system to finish this entire process in just 10 minutes! That means you can avoid the hassle of spending hours at the RTA Center.

Selling car privately by yourself involve lot of hassles, there are many lengthy steps to sell your car. Several documents must be submitted at RTA Customer Happiness Centres or Tasjeel Service Centers. The documents required vary depending on whether the car is (or will be) registered to an individual or a company. Some of the documents required include valid ID, passport copy with residency visa, vehicle registration card (mulkiya), final loan payment confirmation, vehicle’s technical inspection certificate, electronic insurance of the car. Again, if you are selling your car with Expat Car Buyers, we will take care of this entire process for you in just 10 minutes, saving you valuable time!

While selling a car in the UAE can take weeks and sometimes months, with Expat Car Buyers it can be done in minutes. All you need to do is follow the three simple steps to sell your car listed in our website. We will take care of submitting all the required paperwork and fees.

To sell you car with Expat Car Buyers all we need is a copy of your Emirates ID or Driving License. In Case the car is on Company name we will require Company Trade License and No Obligation letter of selling car.

What people are saying?

What people are saying?

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