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Bring your vehicle

Allow us to give your vehicle a free professional inspection. Simply drive your car over to your nearest inspection point and allow us to carry out a free of charge professional inspection.

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Receive a fair non-obligation quote. We will offer you a quote based on the findings of our inspection. But don’t worry this is completely obligation free - the choice to sell is 100% with you.

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Get paid. If you are happy with the offer that we make you, simply give us a thumbs up and we will put the cash right in your hand there and then! It really never has been easier to sell car for cash!


Almost on a daily basis in fact. So, trust us you are definitely not alone when you feel this way.

Selling your car anywhere on earth can be a challenge, there is typically a high amount of stress involved and it can be a long drawn out process just to attempt to get a quick and fair price for your vehicle.

This is especially true when you want to sell car online. There are always tons of pitfalls to be avoided. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when you want to sell car online in the emirates there are even further nuances to be aware of.

This may alarm you, and you may be thinking ‘Do I even want to bother attempting to sell my car in UAE?’. And we can totally understand that. But we do have some good news.

Our mission is to remove not just all the standard roadblocks that exist when it comes to selling used cars, but we remove even those specific nuances that exist here which means that you can sell your car absolutely stress free for an extremely competitive price almost without having to make an ounce of effort! So yes, you can sell car for cash without a headache today!

We are experts with decades of experience in the used car market and have helped hundreds of people just like you within the region to happily sell their cars. You may have noticed from your research that we are not the only company who help to sell your car for cash in the emirates. There are plenty of fish in this pond. But we are better across the board in every single respect. I am sure you have plenty of questions so let us explain.

All is not what it seems

The more competitors in a market, the more competitive it becomes. The used car market here is no different. The fierce competition means that often you will see companies making outlandish claims which they cannot back up just to attract customers in and then leave them unsatisfied and with a sour taste in their mouth.

We are the antidote to this problem. Everything that we promise is what you receive. Transparency and honesty are at our core and this shines through in our customer experiences and reviews.

You may find it interesting to learn that in addition to false advertising, some companies are not actually who they say they are.

Most companies who offer to buy your car are simply just acting as overdressed middle men. They operate in a long chain or transactions moving your car along various parties and ultimately passing the bill onto you so that they can profit.

This long chain of parties is a problem not only for you in terms of you receiving a low price for your car but also there is no security in the deal. The buyer may agree to the deal but they do not pay on the spot. They must wait for the full chain to agree and if one party pulls out the whole deal collapses. This can leave you waiting around for days without payment or worse the deal could fall through entirely and you don’t even make the sale.

Here at Expat Car Buyers any of this chaos occurring is not even a possibility. We are the direct buyer of your car. There is no middle man. We carry out the inspection ourselves and make the offer there and then. This means no 2-3 minimum days wait for payment or chances that the deal falls through. Once we make our offer, we ensure that you can sell car for cash and get paid within just 30 minutes!

As part of our service, we offer our professional car inspection, favorable valuation, ownership transfer and bank clearance services all totally free of charge. This means that when you sell your car with us there will never be any sneaky unforeseen charges. The amount that we offer will be the amount that you receive. We do not believe in the tactics that others employ charging for additional services and deceiving our clients for more money.


Of course, like most other countries, you can sell car in UAE on the private market. People do opt to sell via the private market and do so successfully, however this method to sell used cars comes with its own unique set of problems and challenges.

The first step of getting your car on the used market is to create and publish an advertisement. And this is where the first hurdle appears, right before you have even accessed the market.

To post on the market you will need to take professional photos and craft a convincing advert which is a skill set in itself. And then you will need to pay to get the ad posted. In this region, the cost of posting an advert is extremely high. And in order for your car to be seen amongst the sea of 1000’s of other vehicles, you will need to pay a premium to get it boosted. All of this pain just to get your advert seen!

When listing your car on the private market you need it to be as attractive as possible. If there is even a slight cosmetic issue, potential buyers will be put off and lose interest. This means that your car must be spotlessly clean, have 0 cosmetic issues and be 100% functional without even the smallest error. The reality is that most of our cars are not in this condition. So, for you to make all these repairs, updates and changes it is going to cost you time, stress and money. It means trips to the mechanics, trips to the car wash and trips to the car store. No one needs that in their life.

We strive to make our service so good that our customers say: ‘I would never sell my car in UAE with another company’ Here is how:

  • Cash in hand payments made within 30 minutes
  • Free professional inspection & valuation
  • No obligation Offer and No hidden Fees.
  • Official partnership with RTA
  • 100% stress free service guarantee
Sell your car quickly

We Make It Easy For You To Sell Your Car Fast!

sell car fast process to sell car fast

Comprehensive Car Valuation

Once you bring your car to one of our showrooms, we will do a comprehensive valuation. Then we price it according to the current market value.

Ownership Transfer

We will take care of all the ownership transfer documents. You just need to sign our agreement.

Finance Settlement

If your car is under finance, we will be able to settle it in the best possible way. You don’t have to worry about settling it on your own.

Get Paid In 30 Minutes

We ensure that you will be paid in cash for the value of your car within just 30 minutes!

No time wasting straight to the point when sell car free with us!

Tired of dealing with ‘tyre kickers’ and their demands? Expat Car Buyers has you covered. Serving as the leading car buying company in the region, we go above and beyond the set standards to ensure the process becomes easier, hassle-free, and quick for car sellers.

Coming from someone who has sold hundreds of cars, a sale without having to deal with this type of individual is extremely desirable, and that’s exactly what we aim to do. Here at Expat Car Buyers, we have seasoned car buying professionals with the highest level of respect for your time and the value that your car deserves. That is why we won’t waste any time with our professional inspection and fair valuation offer. And unlike the tyre kickers, we actually know what we are talking about!

The process is easy, simple, and free of any complexities and complications. Our professional vehicle inspects, having years of experience, perfectly utilize their expertise to ensure your car is valued fairly.

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Our Happy Customers

Amazing service. If u want to experience the hassle free way of selling car, this is the best place to go. Been to other companies in past and I must say their service is exeptional.. cheers


I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend

Omar Saeed

I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend

Ajith Kumar

Highly recommend selling your car with the Expat Car Buyers. Fast, genuine service. Very helpful guys. My experience was great and wouldn’t go to any other place in Dubai.

Lucy Komolka

It was very easy as in one stop shop.Transfer of car and cash payment on the spot. The whole thing took under 30 mins and that's what I needed. Thank you guys.

Shafqat Ali

Could sell my car in very short time and got a fair price. Thank you for the excellent service!

Thomas Buchner


What Are Some Traps That You Can Help Me Avoid When I Sell My Car With Loan?

You may assume that buyers on the private market are all ordinary citizens like yourself. This is unfortunately untrue. It is a common tactic for dealerships and used car buying companies to pose as an ordinary citizen interested in buying your used car. They will approach you and make an insultingly low offer and try to strike up negotiations so that they can get your car below its value and sell it for a profit.

This tactic is sneaky and just plain wrong. The worst part is that the price the sneaky buyer goes on to sell your car for at their profit is very similar to the price that we would have offered to buy the car off of you in the first place!

Lack of trust

Due to a number of bad experiences that people have suffered, the private used car market has a bad reputation. This means that people will often favor making their purchases from more trusted places. Places such as dealerships and showrooms. These companies have a trusted reputation and offer warranties to buyers that afford them protection. This is a problem when trying to sell on the private market because the demand is much more diluted thanks to the scammers and con artists who have ruined the reputation. The struggle to make your sale will be real.

Not all models are created equal

When you sell car, you need to be aware that not every car make or model has the same demand in the local market as you may expect. There are certain makes and models which the local market favors compared to what other markets demand more of. As a private seller, you are limited to the local market and therefore the demand of that market. If you have a car which the market has a low demand for then you could be in trouble, people will simply not be interested in buying your car.

But what if you could access the global market instead of just the local? Well, when you sell your car with us that becomes a reality. We have access to global markets and have the unique ability to export your vehicle beyond Dubai. If your vehicle is not in demand in the local market that is not a problem, we will assess the global market and find which one holds the highest demand and offer you this price! Now that is what we call going the extra mile (literally!).

All cars are beautiful to us

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. And with us that is very much the case. We love used cars and will never say no to buying yours. That means that we buy any type of used car, Sedan, SUV, Hatchbacks, Sports, Utility and more - we will buy them all. Just simply make a booking online and bring your vehicle in to see us and we will make you an offer that will surprise even the biggest skeptics!

Don’t be left out of pocket

The used car market knows no bounds when it comes to scams and fraudulent behavior. One common tactic that is at play on the private market is the use of fake cheques and bank transfers.

The fraudster may appear to be upfront with you and keen to make the purchase of your vehicle, they will offer to write a cheque right on the spot. This sounds great for you as the seller. But you will be shocked when you try to cash the check. It will be outrightly rejected. This is because fraudsters will write out fake cheques before driving off with your vehicle leaving you bewildered and out of pocket.

Through years of exceptional service to our clients we have built up a stellar reputation of trust. This means that when you sell your car with us, we will put the cash in your pocket within 30 minutes of sale. If this be physical cash, cheque or bank transfer the choice is yours! But one thing you can be assured of is that the price we offered will match that which you receive every single time! This is why it makes sense to sell car for cash with us!

Paperwork free

Typically, when making the sale of a used vehicle you will be required to visit the offices of the Road and Transport Authorities to register this. And this of course means mountains of painful paperwork and bureaucracy.

We have earned the right to be officially partnered with the RTA. And that is great news for our clients because it means they can totally forget about the dreaded trip to the RTA offices, our professional in-house team will take care of this for you totally hassle free!

The Best Part About Selling Your Car Fast and Instantly?

The choice remains completely yours!

Now, while we strive to offer unparalleled service in the used car buying business, the choice to sell your car with us remains completely yours.

Many companies will try to implement pushy and blackmail-like tactics to make their clients sell with them. We will never employ such tactics. If we are being honest, we simply do not need to. We offer valuations which will not be beaten. And our service is 100% trusted without flaw. So, if you have now decided ‘I want to sell my car quickly, hope that we will be considered!