Sell Any Car in Dubai

Are you looking for a way to sell your car quickly in Dubai?

Do you want to avoid the hassle of talking to multiple buyers only to sell your car at a very low price?

At Expat Car Buyers, our aim is to make the process easier and give you a fair online car deal.

Here’s How You Can Sell Your Car Online in Dubai

Here’s how online car selling works in Dubai when you choose Expat Car Buyers:

  • Visit our website and book an appointment
  • Visit our location or have our team visit you to inspect the vehicle
  • We have partnered with RTA and make it possible to sell your car without worrying about paperwork
  • You will receive payment on the spot

This is all you have to do to sell your car in Dubai. With us, you will even be able to sell used car in Dubai.

Sell Used Car In Current Condition in Dubai
Sell Used Car In Current Condition in Dubai

We make it possible to sell your car on an as-is basis – without any upgrades or changes. Unlike most car buyers online, we actually prefer to buy used cars!

It might seem like finding a used car buyer is difficult. But in reality, the market is full of people looking for used cars to purchase. But it is important to know the market before you decide to step into it.

We care about giving you the best car deal and can help you sell even non running cars.

Using our service is the best way for selling used cars because:

  • It is quick and easy
  • All details are filled in online
  • You get a free car valuation without fees
  • You get the best deal for your used car

With our free car inspection, you’ll get to save time and money.

We Make It Possible To Sell Car Online Dubai
We Make It Possible To Sell Car Online Dubai

Find a price worth your car at ______, where you can find a car buyer online from the comfort of your home. All you need is WiFi and your phone or laptop.

We believe in providing as much comfort to our customers as possible. This is why most of our forms are online. You will only have to visit us once. In some cases, you may even have the option to request our team to visit you for valuation.

We’re among the best online car dealers and go the extra mile to keep our clients happy. Our agents will get back to you in 10 minutes and offer a suitable car deal.

You’ll feel at ease knowing that our Dubai car valuation is fair. Not only this, but we sometimes quote a car deal that is better than what others are offering on the market.

The price is based on information provided, the condition of your vehicle, and market conditions.

This way, you won’t have to spend hours navigating the internet to figure out the value of your car. Let us do it all for you online!

Things to Remember When Selling Your Car
Things to Remember When Selling Your Car

While selling cars online is a popular trend nowadays, here is a list of the things every car seller should remember before and after making a car deal:

You’ll Need all Documents

Before you even start to look for car deals online, you need to take into consideration all the official car documents you will need to have.

Here’s a list we’ve put together to help you avoid the confusing question of - what documents do I need to sell my car?

  • Maintenance Records: anyone can say that their car is in good shape. But having actual documents to back up this claim makes it easier to find a car dealership that is fair.
  • As-Is Document: This document is important so you can make it clear to car buyers that you, as the car seller, are not offering any warranties. The car will fall under the responsibility of the buyer as soon as the payment has been made.
  • Odometer Reading: Most car dealers online will ask you for the odometer readings of your car. So, it is better to have an estimate, or the exact number ready to be shown.
  • Warranty Documents: Most car dealers offer a good car price if you have a car warranty. Make sure you keep those documents ready to be presented.
Know the Market Value of Your Car
Know the Market Value of Your Car

Before you place your car for sale on the market, you will need to do some research of your own. This helps avoid rookie mistakes like selling your car at a low price.

Knowing the true value of your car will help you know exactly when to say yes and when to decline an offer.

Make Sure to be Honest
Make Sure to be Honest

Selling used cars does not mean that you show what is not actually there. Even if your car has been in a major accident and repaired, it is important to inform the car buyer beforehand.

This avoids any future complications such as getting in touch with a good car dealer, only for it to all go to waste once you reveal details that you hadn’t revealed before.

Always be honest with the condition of your car. Hiding doesn’t help because background checks will reveal all details.

Know The Rights of Your Car Buyer
Know The Rights of Your Car Buyer

While it is important to know your rights as a car seller, you also need to be aware of what rights car buyers have. The law in Dubai is quite stringent and the law gives several rights to the buyer.

Car Sellers in Dubai have the right to do a mechanical car check. They can check the entire engine of your car. Additionally, car buyers also have the right to take your car for a test drive.

Keep in mind to accompany the buyer on the test drive.

Selling Your Car: Understanding the Process
Selling Your Car: Understanding the Process

When you decide to sell your car with us, here’s all that we offer

  • Manual car valuation
  • Car inspection without any fees or hidden charges
  • Instant response within an hour!
  • Payment in your account the moment you confirm a car deal

We strive to offer you the best car deals online, better than what other car buyers have to offer. Give us the details of your car and we’ll take care of the rest.

As soon as you book an appointment with us we will:

  • Provide a guarantee that we will buy used cars from you for the best prices.
  • Will take care of the entire sales process as well as the paperwork.
  • Handle the car deregistration process.
  • Transfer funds into your account with no hidden charges from our side.

Ready to sell your car with us? Contact us now to book your appointment or enter details to get a free car valuation.


To transfer ownership of a car in Dubai to a buyer, you will need to take the following steps;

  • Visit RTA Centers, bringing along documents such as driver's license, passport, UAE visa, Emirates ID, and car registration card.
  • The seller should clear liabilities such as Fines and outstanding loans left on the car.
  • The transfer process of the car ownership may be completed in 2-3 hours.

You can easily avoid the hassles of these procedures by selling your car with Expat Car Buyers because we are a licensed and premium trusted partner with RTA with a dedicated system from RTA, enabling us to facilitate the transfer of your car within 5 mins without visiting RTA center.

There are so many ways to sell a car, but if you are looking to avoid the hassles of selling your car in a quick turnaround and get the best, highest possible trade price, then Expat Car Buyers can help you in this. All it takes is 30 mins right from inspection of your car to valuation and closing the deal. And yes, in 30 mins you will get cash in your hand or bank account.

If you are looking to sell your car in Dubai, the procedure is straightforward. There are several options to choose from when you want to sell your car, such as;

  • Online Classifieds
  • Car buying companies like Expat Car Buyers

The procedure of deregistering your car from your name requires only your Emirates ID or passport and your car Registration Card.

Yes. You are allowed to sell a car on behalf of your family and friends and even on behalf of your company. To sell a car on behalf of your family and friends, if they don't reside in UAE, you will need an attorney's power to legalize the sale. But if they are present in the UAE, two original documents are required. They are;

  • Emirates ID or Passport
  • Car registration card.

If you are selling for your company, you must provide two documents. They are;

  • A NOC letter of intent to sell from your company with the stamp and signature of the manager.
  • Trade license of the company

No. In most states, used car sales are considered to be "as is." this then implies that the buyer understands that if the car develops a fault after being driven away, it's entirely their responsibility. which means that, as a seller, you're not held responsible for the car after it's sold.


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