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Sell your car without any hassle with Expat Car Buyers, and get cash from the sale in under 30 minutes! With over 20 years of experience, Expat Car Buyers enjoys unparalleled popularity when it comes to selling cars in Dubai. Through this platform, you can sell any car in Dubai safely, easily, and quickly at the best possible price. Whether it’s heavily used or you just bought it new last week, no matter what the make, model, or condition of the vehicle is, we can sell your car fast in Dubai.

Wondering How to Sell My Car in Dubai?

So, you find yourself saying, "I want to sell my car." In most cases, people opt for private selling or take the assistance of a dealer. The former option includes more hassles, as it involves many hours of posting ads online, meeting with potential buyers, and haggling for a price. In contrast, selling through dealers is by far the better choice. If you are selecting us to sell your car in Dubai, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We have teams of experts who will conduct a free vehicle valuation and make the process simple.

How Can I Sell My Car in Dubai to Expat Car Buyers?

Book an appointment

Schedule your appointment

Start the process by scheduling an appointment with our experienced team to sell car in Dubai. Select a day and time that works best for you and our team will be there for your assistance.

Bring your vehicle

Bring your vehicle

Once the initial details are settled, you will be required to bring your vehicle for a free inspection. During this step, our certified car inspect will thoroughly check your vehicle for a professional inspection.

Get a no-obligation quote

Get your no-obligation quote

After the free inspection, our team will give you a fair quotation. It is a completely free, no-obligation quote; therefore, it is up to you whether you want to pursue the deal.

Agree with the price?

Accept the offer

If you’re satisfied with the deal, you can go ahead and accept the offer. We will prepare all the required documents. This concludes the easy process to sell your car in Dubai.

Common Issues While Selling Your Car in Dubai - How Can We Save You?

There are many issues you will face while selling car in Dubai. Let’s explore some of the most common ones:

Proper Pricing

The process of how to sell car in Dubai always starts with setting the price, and this is where most people falter/ Always remember that setting the right price is crucial. Overpricing can deter potential buyers, while underpricing may lead to financial losses. So, research the market and consider your car's condition, age, and mileage.

Finding Serious Buyers

Sorting through numerous inquiries to find genuinely interested and qualified buyers can be time-consuming. Many inquiries may not lead to a sale, resulting in a waste of time and efforts.

Advertising and Negotiating

Creating effective advertisements that attract potential buyers can be challenging. Negotiating with buyers to reach a mutually agreeable price requires good communication and negotiation skills.

RTA Paperwork

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) paperwork in Dubai involves a series of formalities. Ensuring all documents are correctly filled out and submitted can be a bureaucratic challenge for someone who isn’t experience in dealing with cars.

Outstanding Finance or Loan

If there's an existing finance or loan on the car, it adds to the complexity of the procedure. Clearing any outstanding payments and coordinating with the finance provider is necessary for a smooth transaction.

Vehicle Inspection

Buyers often request a comprehensive vehicle inspection. Addressing potential issues and ensuring the car is in good condition can impact the sale of the car.

Payment Method Issues

Deciding on a secure and acceptable payment method for both parties can be a source of contention. Cash transactions, bank transfers, or other payment methods should be agreed upon.

Car Condition

Being transparent about your car's condition is important. Misrepresenting the vehicle's state can lead to disputes and legal issues. This is where a professional car inspection service can help you.

Time and Efforts

Selling a car involves dedicating time and effort to handle inquiries, meet with potential buyers, and complete paperwork. This can be challenging for those with busy schedules.

Safety Concerns

Meeting with potential buyers, especially strangers, can raise safety concerns. Choosing safe locations for meetings and taking precautions is essential.

Why Trust Expat Car Buyers to Sell Used Car in Dubai?

Sell your car in UAE Sell your car in UAE

Quick and Easy Process

Expat Car Buyers makes the car selling process easy for everyone. Not only this, we pull all stops to ensure the entire process is done as quickly as possible.

Instant Cash for Your Car

We offer immediate cash for your vehicle! Once we've completed the sale, you'll receive your money in under 30 minutes through our instant payment service.

Guaranteed Purchase

You don't need to worry about whether your car will sell, because we buy all used cars in Dubai, guaranteed. All you have to do is to reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

20 Years of Experience

We have been in the industry for over 20 years, helping people sell their used cars easily. We use our extensive market knowledge to make sure you get the best possible price for your car.!

We Buy Any Car in Dubai – All Models and Makes

Any car, any time! When you have contacted Expat Car Buyers, you don’t have to worry about how to sell car in Dubai as we are there for your service. Whatever your car's make, model, or condition, we'll buy it! We make sure you get the best resale value for your car in all of UAE! We're the best option in Dubai, and we guarantee that you'll leave as a happy customer.

Get the Best Price for Your Car with Our Free Car Valuation!

Expat Car Buyers offer free car valuation service that is designed to help you determine the fair market value of your vehicle, ensuring you receive top dollar when it comes time to sell.

The process is simple and quick. Our valuation is based on the fair market value of your car, ensuring that you receive a competitive and realistic assessment. This valuation is reflective of current market conditions, helping you make an informed decision about your car's worth.

Our Free Car Valuation service comes with no obligation to sell. You can use the valuation information as a reference point, allowing you to decide whether now is the right time to sell or if you should wait for a more favorable market.

No point in wasting time — we'll get straight to the point when you want to sell your car online!

One of the most frustrating parts of selling your used car privately is dealing with people who just want to waste your time. We call those people 'tyre kickers'. These are the people who view your car with no intention of offering you anywhere near the asking price. They will make every demand under the sun, including long test drives, difficult mechanical questions, and of course, the infamous tyre kicking to give them some sense of authority.

At Expat Car Buyers, we are seasoned car buying professionals with the utmost respect for your time and the value that your vehicle deserves. That's why we won't waste any time. We'll never low-ball you on price, and we'll handle all the administrative work to ensure the fastest deal possible. Unlike tyre kickers, we're experts in the industry with professional mechanics and inspectors in our staff, and we actually know what we're talking about.

Frequently Asked Questions

To sell a car in Dubai, you will need the following documents:

  • Original vehicle registration card
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Passport and visa copy
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Completed sale agreement

Selling a car with an outstanding loan in Dubai involves the following steps:

  • Contact your car finance company to obtain the current outstanding balance on the loan
  • Once you have a buyer, use the proceeds from the sale to settle the outstanding loan amount with the finance company.
  • Request a clearance letter from the finance company confirming that the loan has been settled in full.
  • Provide the buyer with all necessary documentation, including the clearance letter, to transfer ownership.

Yes, you can. You will have to follow these steps in order to sell car in Dubai after visa cancellation:

  • Ensure proper documentation
  • Coordinate with the buyer
  • Transfer ownership

To sell a mortgaged car in Dubai, you should inform the finance company of your intention to sell and request the outstanding loan amount.

Once you have a buyer, use the sale proceeds to settle the outstanding loan and obtain a clearance letter. Lastly, complete the sale by transferring ownership to the buyer, providing all necessary documents, including the clearance letter.

To sell your car to a dealership in Dubai, follow these steps:

  • Identify reputable dealerships that buy used cars. Many dealerships specialize in pre-owned vehicle acquisitions. For a quick and hassle-free process, trust Expat Car Buyers.
  • Contact the dealership for a valuation of your car. They may ask for details about the car's condition, mileage, and service history.
  • Don’t just rely on online car valuation. Visit the dealership in person for a physical inspection. They will provide you with an offer based on their assessment.
  • Negotiate the offer with the dealership, and once an agreement is reached, complete the necessary paperwork to finalize the sale. The dealership will handle the ownership transfer process.

To transfer ownership of a car in Dubai to a buyer, you will need to take the following steps.

  • Visit RTA Centers, bringing along documents such as your driver's license, passport, UAE visa, Emirates ID, and car registration card.
  • The seller would need to clear any liabilities such as fines and outstanding loans left on the car.
  • The transfer process of the car ownership may be completed in 2-3 hours.

You can easily avoid these hassles by selling your car with Expat Car Buyers. We are a licensed and premium trusted partner with RTA, with a dedicated system from RTA, enabling us to facilitate the process and transfer ownership of your car in under 5 minutes without ever needing to visit an RTA centre.

There are many ways to sell your car, but if you're looking to sell any car, and avoid the hassles of making a deal and going through the paperwork yourself, then come to Expat Car Buyers.

We'll give you a quick turnaround and the best, highest possible trade price. All it'll take is half an hour of your time, from the initial inspection and free vehicle valuation, to closing the deal, and yes, getting the cash in your hand.

If you're looking to sell your car in Dubai, it's easy. You have two main options.

  • Online Classifieds
  • Car purchasing companies like Expat Car Buyers that specialize in cash for cash services

Yes! You are allowed to sell a car on behalf of your family and friends, and even on behalf of your company. To sell a car on behalf of your family and friends, if they don't reside in UAE, you will need an attorney's power to legalise the sale. However, if they are present in the UAE, only two original documents are required.

  • Emirates ID or Passport
  • Car registration card.

These are the same documents you'll need to provide to sell your own vehicle.

If you are selling for your company, you must also provide the following documents.

  • A NOC letter of intent to sell from your company with the stamp and signature of the manager.
  • Trade licence of the company

Provided the appropriate sale paperwork has been completed, no. In most states, used car sales are considered "as is." This means that the buyer understands that if a problem arises with the vehicle after it is driven away, it's entirely their responsibility. As a seller, you're not held responsible for the car after it's sold.