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Bring your car

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Get a suitable quote

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Price sounds good?

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How to sell your car through Expat Car Buyers

Expat Car Buyers knows that it can be hard for expats to sell their used cars quickly and at a good price. The used car market in the UAE is very competitive, with a large demand for specific makes and models. And if you happen to own an unpopular make or model, selling your car can be even more difficult.

That is why Expat Car Buyers makes selling your car fast and effortless. We will even take care of all the complex and timely paperwork that is required for a smooth handover.

The process is simple and quick. When you sell your car with Expat Car Buyers you get a free car inspection and valuation, instant payment and all the paperwork processed by us without any extra charges.

If you are interested in selling your used car with Expat Car Buyers fast and hassle-free service, start by filling out the simple form on our car selling website. It’s free and requires no obligation from your side. Next, you can book an appointment for an in-person car inspection and valuation at your convenience. Our team of inspectors will come to you or you can visit our office. The whole inspection takes just 10 minutes! If you are happy with the offer, just complete the sale and get paid. Expat Car Buyers will take care of transferring the registration, settling any bank loans and any other processes.

Expat Car Buyers is ready to purchase any vehicle you want to sell regardless of its make, model, age or condition. We will even purchase cars that are financed and will take care of all the necessary paperwork. If your car has failed the RTA, has expired registration, fines, or any other issue – do not worry. You can sell any car to Expat Car Buyers!

Our Guarantees

  • Simple and easy method.
  • No hidden charges.
  • True to our values.
  • Guaranteed purchase.
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Free of costvaluation
Free of

Our custom quote best fits your car’s current
position and market-competitive price.

Transfer ownership

If you proceed with the quote, expatcarbuyer
will take the car’s ownership.

Payment clearance

If there is a debt on your car, you’ll get it
cleared by us. We’ll set a reasonable difference.

Instant payment

The car payment will be in your hands
within half an hour.

What people are saying?

What people are saying?

Price Includes

Paper checking
Car inspection
Consultant fee
we’re offering all this for FREE
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Frequently Asked Questions

To transfer ownership of your car to the new buyer, you would have to provide the following documents:

  1. Original Number Plate
  2. Emirates Id – Original for Seller
  3. Emirates Id – Photocopy for Buyer

The old owner provides these documents and clears any fines or other payments. The number plate is then handed over to the official who will cancel the number plate and issue a “Transfer Certificate,” also known as “Hayaza” in Arabic. This procedure will cost just about AED 450.

The new document will mention the old owner and the new owners' name. After the transfer paper is given to the new buyer, they can get it registered in their name.

The easiest and most efficient way to sell your car in Sharjah is to get in touch with EXPAT CAR BUYER. We’ve been in business for quite some time, and one of the crucial factors that have kept us on the move is the motivating feedback from our customers.

Expat Car Buyer offers quality, professional, and more importantly, friendly service. Our staff are diligent and experienced individuals. No matter how busy you are, we can get to work according to your plans. After you must have contacted us, we will schedule a convenient date with you. And thereafter, we reach a common agreement and offer you cash for your car irrespective of your local location in Sharjah.

Yes, you can. However, if you are selling a car on behalf of a relative or friend. In that case, you’re required to obtain a letter of authorization (i.e., Power of Attorney) from the registered owner of the vehicle. Payment and transaction details must match the owner's name on the car’s title.

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Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell Your car in Dubai, Sell your car in UAE, Sell Any Car in Dubai

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Sell any Car, Sell any car in Dubai Instantly, Sell Your car in Dubai, Sell your car in UAE, Sell Any Car in Dubai

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