Selling a car in Sharjah should be straightforward, right? Considering Sharjah is the third-largest city in the UAE, that means there are millions of people interested in having a new car experience.

One would think that a couple of handshakes here and there should get the deal done. Unfortunately, it’s not. Therefore, if you’re looking at selling your used car, you may have to invest some time into doing it the right way or trust EXPAT CAR BUYERS to get all the hassle done for you.

You may want to upgrade or move to a new town. For whatever reason, Sharjah presents a used car market like no other. The majority of people here are millennials and are on the look for used cars since they too, like yourself, are on transit and may not like the idea of committing to a brand new car.

The process may seem exhausting, especially if it’s your first experience. So, to help you through, we’ve outlined the necessary steps and what to watch out for when privately selling your used car in Sharjah. Otherwise, contact EXPAT CAR BUYER, and we will zoom into action to help sell your car from the comfort of your house.

Determine how much you can sell your used car
Determine how much you can sell your used car:

When you finally decide to put your car up for sale, the first thing you need to do is evaluating how much much your car is worth. You can achieve this by checking the condition of your car; go online to review the market price of the car. You are doing all this to get an idea of your car value. Once you've determined your car's worth, it will be easy for you to put a price on the car. The value of the car determines how much you can auction.

This process may not be straigthforward as it seem, especially because there are various determinants to evaluation your car’s worth. However, you can hire an expert to do the job for you for a few bucks or get in touch with our professional team at Expat Car Buyers. Our car inspection team will set an appointment with you, vist you at agreed at your place, inspect and evaluate your car and finish off the deal on spot.

Gather all Paperwork
Gather all Paperwork:

Before putting your used car for sale in Sharjah, you need to ensure you have all the appropriate documents, especially the ones related to the maintenance of your car. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance can also increase the value and reliability of your vehicle. If you have records of maintenance, it makes the buyer believe that the car has always been in good hands, which can even boost the car's worth.

You also need to have a receipt and a document that shows your terms and conditions in case of any issues in the future. This will keep you from being responsible for any damage to the vehicle after the car is sold.

If you find yourself in the position with inadequate paper works like the Emirates ID, car registration, or even if your visa, that makes transfering of cars seemless, it might be impossible to sell off your used car in Sharjah. However still, you wouldn’t need any of those papers with Expat Car Buyers because we are a authorized partner of RTA and Tasjeel we can finish all the paper work without going to RTA Center and waiting in queues.

Get your car ready
Get your car ready

As said earlier, Sharjah is a city with people who have a high taste in cars, so to meet up these high standards, you must take good care of your car before selling.

Ensure you make minor repairs on your car, clean the vehicle inside out. Consider taking your car to professionals to help you check if everything is in place. Lastly, get an excellent photographer to help you take pictures of the car from different angles, and choose the best images for your ad. Shots should include the exterior, the interior, wheels, engine, rear, both sides, front and back seats, trunk, dashboard, carpets.

Screen Potential Buyers
Screen Potential Buyers

Not all buyers are serious buyers; most of them just want to get a feel for your car and just go away. So do not set up all buyers for a test drive; set up only serious buyers. As a seller, you should be able to differentiate between a serious buyer and an unserious one. The buyer's first impression should make you know if they are serious or not, but sometimes some might not look like someone serious, so you ought to be careful in your judgment to avoid sending away potential clients.

Even if you choose to work with a car dealer, not all of them have your best interest and may want to take advantage of their industry experience to downplay the cost of your car. With Expat Car Buyers, you don’t need to waste time with unserious car buyers or dealer. We swift into action almost immediately, provide free evaluation of your car, and offer you the best worth of your car - we are always ready to buy.

Sell your used car at your convenience
Sell your used car at your convenience.

The process of selling off your used car will not be a walk in the pack. It will consume your time and money if you’re looking at selling yourself. You may have to spend some few bucks on repairs, car evaluation, driving to buyers location, and advertisement. It’s even more stressful if you have to meet different buyer and this may even cause you to loose interest in selling the car.

Only a few dealer can assure you an hassle free process, but with Expat Car Buyer, all you have to do is arrange an appointment with our inspection team, who will come over at your place, evaluate and make the best deal on your car.

Beware of Car Scammers
Beware of Car Scammers

Car buying scams are nothing new, so you need to be very prudent in any of your transactions. Be careful with any form of payment you will be taking from your buyers. You might fall victim to someone paying with a fraudulent cheque or a bunch of fake notes, be alert.

Therefore, except you are working with trusted car dealer in Sharjah like Expat Car Buyers,you should be very careful when trying to accept payment from individual buyers. Don't be in a hurry to close a deal. Just keep your eyes open and check everything that needs to be checked before finally letting go of your car. Lastly, do not invite any buyer to your home because you don't know their intentions, meet at any public place in Sharjah to close the deal.

Try Selling your Car Online
Try Selling your Car Online

While looking at selling your car, you may face some difficulties like getting prospects, especially in a busy city like Sharjah. You may have to go out of your usual daily schedule to advertise on your social handles or telling your colleagues at work, members of your social clubs and the likes. However, nothing beats these two options

  • signing up with an online car marketplace website to sell your used car in Sharjah, or
  • Get in contact with Expat Car Buyer, who will evaluate your car and pay you off immediately in cash.

While it is up to you to decide which is best option, we always advice that you go with whichever helps you to conveniently sell your car. So, you want to move quick and go with the easiest and efficient method, knowing that the more your used car spends in the market, the lower the market value.

Close the Car Sale and Transfer all Necessary Documents
Close the Car Sale and Transfer all Necessary Documents

If you’re selling individually, you may have to complete the bill of sale and sign overall titles in your name. Let them fill in documents on the Release of Liability and provide warranty documents if you want. However, Expat Car Buyers are authorized by the RTA, and our professionals will transfer the car in our office, with no hassles!

All in All
All in All

Car selling has not always been an easy task, but if you take your time to do it properly, step by step, you should be sure of a smooth and easy sale. It’s not a ride in the park, but with resilience and following the proper procedures explained above, you can get it done.

It’s normal if you just want to auction the car without going through all these processes like most people. Perhaps, you’ve tried and are tied with finding the right buyer, or the price dealers are offering doesn’t match what you’re looking at. EXPAT CAR BUYERS provides you with a very effective and simple process to sell your car in Sharjah, with an unbeatable market value for your car.

All in all, ensure you have everything necessary before putting the car up for sale, so you’ll be caught unaware.


To transfer ownership of your car to the new buyer, you would have to provide the following documents:

  1. Original Number Plate
  2. Emirates Id – Original for Seller
  3. Emirates Id – Photocopy for Buyer

The old owner provides these documents and clears any fines or other payments. The number plate is then handed over to the official who will cancel the number plate and issue a “Transfer Certificate,” also known as “Hayaza” in Arabic. This procedure will cost just about AED 450.

The new document will mention the old owner and the new owners' name. After the transfer paper is given to the new buyer, they can get it registered in their name.

The easiest and most efficient way to sell your car in Sharjah is to get in touch with EXPAT CAR BUYER. We’ve been in business for quite some time, and one of the crucial factors that have kept us on the move is the motivating feedback from our customers.

Expat Car Buyer offers quality, professional, and more importantly, friendly service. Our staff are diligent and experienced individuals. No matter how busy you are, we can get to work according to your plans. After you must have contacted us, we will schedule a convenient date with you. And thereafter, we reach a common agreement and offer you cash for your car irrespective of your local location in Sharjah.

Yes, you can. However, if you are selling a car on behalf of a relative or friend. In that case, you’re required to obtain a letter of authorization (i.e., Power of Attorney) from the registered owner of the vehicle. Payment and transaction details must match the owner's name on the car’s title.


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