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Abu Dhabi houses some of the most influential people in the UAE, equating to tons of luxury vehicles spiraling on every street of the city. This presents Abu Dhabi as the hub to sell your car, considering that the majority are living in transition and prefer buying used cars.

However, the influx in demand for cars in Abu Dhabi doesn’t necessarily mean a smooth ride to selling your car at a good deal. You may decide to consult some online car selling platforms in Abu Dhabi, but you’ll soon realize that the majority of these car selling websites don’t have your best interest.

So, that’s where Expat Car Buyers come into play by providing car owners with the best deals in the market and help sell their cars from the comfort of their home.

The first step to understanding the process of selling your car is acquiring proper data. Often, sellers fall victim to scrupulous car dealers and as a result, tend to look at every car dealer as the same.

These occurrences are largely the seller's fault because they simply don’t know what the market is saying or anything at all about their car. Acquiring proper information and understanding how the process of selling your used car works gives you an edge in the market.

Selling your car in Abu Dhabi is an opening to better deals, however, it’s an industry you don’t want to venture into without prior knowledge. Therefore, to better your chance at success, these are a few things you need to know before deciding to sell off your used car.

Conduct A Proper Car Evaluation Process
Conduct A Proper Car Evaluation Process

To get the best deal out of the sale of your car, it’s crucial to do some market research of your own. When you conduct proper research, you’ll make good decisions and avoid rookie mistakes.

During the process of proper car valuation, you will soon find out some important pointers such as the market value of your car which will help you determine a good price of the car you are selling and the current condition of your car.

It also gives you an insight into the amount you would love to sell the car because you understand all of the processes involved.

Give your car a price tag based on market value and be flexible about it
Give your car a price tag based on market value and be flexible about it.

Keeping in mind that market value varies from time to time, helps you to place a fair and affordable deal that your prospective buyers can effortlessly afford. A lot of buyers would go for something that fits their budget.

Moreover, most buyers would have done their research on that particular car you are selling to them, thus; they already know the market price of the used car. If you end up handling a price that's more than the worth, they might not buy the car.

Ensure your price is flexible to enable buyers especially in Abu Dhabi to buy from you. When you have good and fair prices, it gives you an edge to sell your used car in quick time. The more time your car spends in the garage, the lesser the value.

However if in the long run, you were unable to sell the car even after making it affordable, you can try lowering your price by a small margin. This technique will help attract buyers.

Car Dealers are not your Enemies
Car Dealers are not your Enemies

Although, sometimes car dealers can be overwhelming and give you a deal that won't benefit you, but do not perceive them as your enemy. Although selling used cars privately will give you lots of profits compared to selling under a car dealer.

The process of selling yourselves will not be easy because car dealers will not only give you a great rate but will also guarantee you one thing and that is a seamless, convenient and easy process.

Allow Buyers Do Mechanical Inspection
Allow Buyers Do Mechanical Inspection

Often, sellers disallow buyers from test driving their car because they’re not certain about the buyer's interest. However, as a seller, you should be able to differentiate between a genuine buyer and an unserious one.

A serious buyer will come with their mechanic to help them with the test because some of them might not really know about cars and some might. All in all, it is not a crime to allow buyers to test drive. Test driving helps them know the state of the used car; this just helps them do proper research on the car mechanically.

Moreover, allowing them to do this minor inspection does not mean you have to allow them to take this for granted. You can just give them a maximum of 10-20 minutes for the test running and also to get a feel for the car.

This process is just like giving them a taste of the luxury car and trust me it can hasten their decisions into buying.

Know all the legal ways involved in selling your car in Abu Dhabi
Know all the legal ways involved in selling your car in Abu Dhabi

The RTA (Road Transport Authority) Muroor is responsible for the entire selling and buying process of a car and they have some strong guidelines to follow. What Muroor mainly does is to register all car loans in Abu Dhabi, so as a seller, you must make sure you do not have any outstanding loans or dues to enable a smooth process.

In addition, you need to make sure your car is in sound condition to pass the RTA’s annual Roadworthiness inspection which will make your car eligible to be in the market for selling.

The certificate you collect after all of the processes is only valid for 30days right from the day of the test and it's very crucial for all sellers. So if you want to sell your used car in Abu Dhabi, you just need to consider and abide by the rules and regulations.

Close the Deal and Give Receipt
Close the Deal and Give Receipt

Once you find a buyer for your used car in Abu Dhabi, it's time to close the deal. The deal closing might not be easy but it is something that can be done if the right step is being followed.

As a seller, when you notice the buyer is reluctant to take a step at buying the car, suggest a deposit or an installment payment. Once there is a deposit, it shows the commitment level of the client and how badly they need to buy the used car.

Many sellers make the rookie mistake of having a single receipt thinking that’s enough to seal a deal. Collecting deposits by hand is also not advisable, as you might be confused because you don't have a proper record for the transaction.

Therefore, it is recommended that sellers have two identical receipts that showcase the amount deposited and the balance for the purchase of the car. The deal here is to properly document all processes and see to the signing of both parties.

All these processes are necessary if you’re selling all by yourself, however, if you trust Expat Car Buyers with the sale of your car, they make all the processes hassle-free.

Know the worth of your Car’s Number Plate
Know the worth of your Car’s Number Plate

Not many sellers are familiar with the fact that in UAE, the number plate on a car is worth differently. Number plate worth is generally based on the age and the prefix before the number.

For instance, a number plate that starts with the prefix “A” before the number is a lot more valuable than a number plate with just numbers. Also, the age of the number plate determines its worth - a decade long number plate is more valuable than that issued some years after.

These itsy bits of details can give you some cashback when negotiating with your buyer.

Value your convenience and comfort
Value your convenience and comfort

Selling used cars is not an easy process, especially for someone without prior experience. One thing you need to know is that it can be quite a tedious journey, so you should look at doing this as convenient and comfortable as possible.

The process can be daunting and you might even decide to give up when it gets really serious, but if you’ll contact Expat Car Buyers, you’ll soon find out how easy you can go through all this process from your comfort zone.

All In All
All In All

Selling your car privately in Abu Dhabi is quite a long process. You may have to go through all the processes of evaluating your used car, getting the necessary papers ready, transferring documents, paying off all outstanding debts on the car, finding serious buyers and getting the deal done. And you must agree, it is exhausting.

Moreover, we recommend you sell off that car as soon as possible because the more you linger, the more the value of your car reduced. And one of the most efficient ways to sell your used car as soon as you’re ready is by selling to us at Expat Car Buyer.

All you need to do is get in contact with us and schedule a meeting at your most convenient location. Our team of professionals will meet with you to inspect, evaluate and give you a good deal on your car.

There are many benefit to using our service. Some of which includes

  • Free evaluation of your car.
  • We can also assist and take charge to organize the car deregistration and transfer of ownership.
  • With our tie-ups with all banks in Dubai, we will clear any debts or outstanding finance on the car and pay the difference.
  • Unlike other companies that pays you 2 or 3 days after the deal is done, you get the cash, cheque or bank transfer from us in just 30 minutes!


With us, all you need to do is agree to sell your used car to us, and we take it from there. We are authorized partners of RTA and Tasjeel and we can finish all the paper work without going to RTA Center and waiting in queues.

The easiest and most efficient way to sell your car in Abu Dhabi is to get in touch with EXPAT CAR BUYER. We’ve been in business for quite some time, and one of the crucial factors that have kept us on the move is the motivating feedback from our customers.

Expat Car Buyer offers quality, professional, and more importantly, friendly service. Our staff are diligent and experienced individuals. No matter how busy you are, we can get to work according to your plans. After you must have contacted us, we will schedule a convenient date with you. And thereafter, we reach a common agreement and offer you cash for your car irrespective of your local location in Abu Dhabi.

  • We offer a free car evaluation with every enquiry.
  • Next, we can assist and take charge to organize the Ownership Transfer.
  • With our tie-ups with all banks in Uae, we will clear any debts or outstanding finance on the car and pay the difference.
  • You get the cash, cheque or bank transfer from us in just 30 minutes!

Yes, you can. However, if you are selling a car on behalf of a relative or friend. In that case, you’re required to obtain a letter of authorization (i.e., Power of Attorney) from the registered owner of the vehicle. Payment and transaction details must match the owner's name on the car’s title.

No, you are no longer responsible for a car after you sell it. Immediately car ownership transfers have been made, and all necessary documents have been signed.


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