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Selling your car is quite complicated than just driving it around your city. You may have to undertake some necessary processes to get your car ready for sale, and one of the many essential ones is evaluating your car.

There are several benefits to evaluating your car before you decide to sell. Not having accurate information on the market value of your car may see you settle for a lesser deal. Since the goal of getting your car valued is to have a good bargain when selling your car. You can simply arrange an appointment with our team at Expat Car Buyers. Our team will have an appointment booked with you at your place of convenience, come over to evaluate your car within 10 minutes, and offer you the best value for your car on the spot.

Also, it is important to know that online evaluation isn’t always the best. And that’s because most of these car evaluation websites in Dubai only collect a few data from you to arrive at a market value for your old car. Without a proper assessment of the condition of your used car, it may be difficult to come up with the correct value for your car.

Fortunately, however, when you reach out to our mechanical team at Expat Car Buyers, we can help evaluate your car at no cost if you choose to sell your car to us.

Benefit of Using Our Evaluation Service.

Saves You Time - It’s a lot of trying to prepare your car for sale. You have to put everything in place, like the interior, exterior, and overall car condition. After that, you will have to do solid research on the resale value, which can depend on various factors such as manufacturer, service history, etc. However, the Expat Car Buyer provides an unparalleled service of checking the in and out of your car and giving you a good estimated value for your car.

It’s Free - To properly come to a conclusive estimate of the value of your car in UAE, you may have to part with some money to hire a car technician to evaluate your car value. Instead, we provide this service for free, all expenses paid when you choose to sell your car with us.

Gives You the Best Value of Your Used Car - Unlike many dealers in Dubai that do not have your best interest in mind, we patronise you like we are a private buyer, only in an organised group. Our technicians’ process to evaluate your car is transparent. We will have your car inspected and valued better than many dealers or private individuals will.

Close the Deal with all Paperworks Immediately if you Choose to Sell to Us - Immediately we’ve evaluated your car, we provide you with the option to get paid by cash, cheque, or transfer as you see fit. We do not try to lowball you into selling at a ridiculous rate; we offer the best value for your car and pay you immediately when you agree to sell.

Also, you may have expired papers like your car registration, which may cost you some time and money to fix. We can get that all done in our office; we are accredited by the RTA and Tasjeel and can finish all the paperwork without going to the RTA Center and waiting in queues.

All Done at Your Convenient Location - One more benefit is that you can do all this at the convenience of your comfort zone. All you have to do is get in touch with our team today, schedule an appointment to get your car valuation at no cost, and we’ll pay you in full for your used car according to market value on the spot.

What does your car value depend on

Usually, if you decide to go with car valuation websites, the more questions you’re asked, the more accurate the valuation will be. That means that the evaluation process requires you to be sincere and check for everything that relates to the following to get a proper value for your used car.

Here are some of the key components that determine the value of your used car.

Make, Model, and Year of Manufacture

Generally, the value of a car in the UAE depreciates significantly in the first few years, especially when the shape changes. Perhaps, you’ve made repairs to the car, and the parts are no longer factory fitted; the car depreciates in value. However, the rate of depreciation reduces as the car gets older.

Also, some car brands are regarded as more valuable than others. For instance, a 2017 Mercedes Benz will have a different value compared to a 2017 Infiniti FX35, even though they’re manufactured the same year. So, our professional team at Expat Car Buyers considers the brand value when evaluating your car. All of this information can be found in the owner’s manual if you’re not certain.

Feature Available in the Car.

Also, the number of fully functional features in your used car can determine the value of your car, something online car valuation websites will not consider. Therefore, to arrive at a value estimate, Expat Car Buyer professionals will have to check if those special features or custom equipment such as a heated steering wheel, leather seats, a custom sound system, and custom rims are intact and functional. If these features are functional, you can be sure that you’ll get the best deal for your used car.

Mileage History

One of the important aspects of a car people look out for when buying a used car is the mileage. Usually, the more miles your car has travelled, the lesser it’s worth. Your car’s mileage can be found by reading the odometer on the dashboard. This is one of the things that the Expat Car Buyer team will use to estimate the value of your car.

Car Condition.

The overall condition of your car is also an indication of the car’s value. It can even influence the value of your car by up to 30%! Some evaluation websites will require that you rate your car’s condition using categories like excellent, average, or below average.

This might not be a good way to measure it, as only a car technician can tell. So, our team at Expat Car Buyer will check your car for oil stains, serious mechanical issues, and repainted panels just to give a good valuation of your used car. While smaller issues like scratches and dents may make it appeal less to a buyer, they’re unlikely to cause major losses to its value.

Service History of your used car.

Anyone buying a car would regard the car’s service record with utmost priority. Access to this record will usually display that the car has been under proper maintenance and servicing, which increases the lifespan of the car. This also shows potential car buyers that the car has been in good care and better the period of sale.

Supply and Demand of Cars.

Some car models are usually in more demand than others, and that may present a hassle while trying to sell your car. If your used car happens to be a car in demand, the value may have good resale value compared to other models or brands that are not in demand.

The downside is that if your used car is not in demand, it might take forever to sell, but you won’t have to worry about that with us at Expat Car Buyers. We will inspect, evaluate, and cut that waiting period for you and pay you what your car’s worth almost immediately.

Regional Specifications.

The majority of Non-GCC spec cars arrive in the UAE as cars with serious accident history or salvage, and this means that their value is greatly depreciated compared to GCC spec cars. So, if you’re selling a Non-GCC spec car, you should keep in mind that the values of Non-GCC spec cars are a lot lower.

All in all, the mоѕt reliable and trustworthy option fоr саr ѕеllеrѕ іn the UAE is to sell their car to a renowned and highly рrоfеѕѕіоnаl company like our “”

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I visited several car buying companies in same area but Expat car buyers offered the most competitive prices whilst also offering a comprehensive and professional service to enable a smooth transaction. Great customer service. Would highly recommend
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