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  • April 12, 2019
  • by Team
There’s a point that usually comes in the life of every car owner when they have to take the difficult step of selling their car. Well, there can be many reasons behind it, but we are not going to talk about that. The thing to focus here is that it’s difficult to sell your beloved car, but it is more difficult to find the right buyer for the car in a place like Dubai.
There can be several ways to sell any car in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean that all will be effective enough to be considered. You would definitely wish to get a good amount for your car and for that you need to do a little hard work and follow some steps to make sure you’ll be getting the right value for your car. Here’s the step-by-step guide that you should sincerely follow to find the right buyer for your car, providing you with the best value for it:

1. Know the Market
Selling a used car is not an easy task, and you need to be prepared to do some homework before that. As we know, new models of the cars keep coming up due to which the value of the older models keeps decreasing. So you need to do some research to check if your car is still a hot commodity.
It is important that you must do the research work to find if your car is still in demands. Before selling the car you need to set the right value for it and to know the worth, you can check the classified ads for similar cars to know what price people are demanding for it. But that doesn’t mean that you should blindly trust it. The value of the car also depends on the condition of the car. Thus, it is advisable to have a proper understanding of the market so that you can know what your car model is currently worth.

2. Good looks always Sell
They say, the first impression is the last impression, and honestly that’s true. The appearance of anything creates a great impact and the same goes for your car too. Make sure you consider servicing for your car and enhancing it look so that it could appeal to the potential buyers. Make sure you keep your car clean and well-maintained. Good look of the car can increase the chances of easily selling it. Not only the exteriors but you should also concentrate on enhancing the interiors.

3. Work on Refurbishing
Even though you have maintained your car really well, but still if there’s even a single minor problem with the car, it can depreciate its value and thus will make it harder to sell the car. To overcome this issue, you should reach out to any good service station to get proceeded with the refurbishing of your car. In this aspect, it is important that you must consider the different aspects like topping up the engine oil, fixing AC coolants, enhancing car electrical, upgrading the steering and the wheel covers. You should also work on fixing the minor scratches, adding a first-aid kit and having a fully functional spare where and the tools for changing it.

4. Documents are basic
No person would be willing to buy you’re your if you don’t have the complete documentation for it. If you are among those who had been searching for quick ways to sell my car online, it’s better if you begin the search after verifying if you are having all the proper documentation of your car. This is something that no potential buyer could forget to ask for. If you have the complete documentation of your car, along with the insurance it automatically increases the chances of selling it at a good value.

5. Know the Value to set the Right Price
Once you are prepared with your car and its documentation, it’s time to set a price for it. But before that, it is important to know what your car worth. Here you need to do the research work so that you can know the right value of your car and set it as the price on which you’ll sell. It is an important step as you’ll never wish to set any fewer prices which might cost you a lot of profits on selling your car. Analyze all the aspects of your car, also the servicing work as it adds on to the value of your car and then set the price. You can also look for similar ads online to know the margin of the second-hand cars.

6. Be Prepared for Negotiations
When you have a complete faith that you have set the value of your car right then, you don’t have to go below that value. Any buyer interested in the deal or not will definitely try to do the negotiations at the prices to break it down to a certain level. You should be prepared for this session and have confidence in your speech. You can completely justify the value that you’ve set by describing the positive aspects of the car. Always avoid negotiating but in case you have to, don’t go too much below the rate you’ve set.

7. Always look for Professional used Car Dealers
Instead of struggling with explaining the details about your car to sell it to the strangers, it is better to search for a car selling website, to get into a deal with the used car buyers in Dubai. The professionals there will analyze your car themselves and will provide you with the best value for your car. The best part about selling your car this way is that you don’t have to go through the hassles of the paperwork as the professionals will do all by themselves. Not only this, with this way of selling your car, you’ll get rid of the negotiations as it won’t be required as you’ll already be getting the best value for your car. You just have to take your car to the professionals, and after they analyze it, they’ll provide you with the instant payment for your car.
No wonder, selling the car can be a long process, but once you have enhanced the value of your car, the professionals will take over the work from there. They’ll be taking your car at the right value, giving you the quick payment for it, just as you expected.