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  • July 18, 2019
  • by Team

It is pretty much easy to buy either a used or a new car, but in selling the one you currently own, the hassle involves might really not be something that will interest you. Due to this reason, some people often decide to trade their cars in, rather than selling to the people around them. Now that you have it in your best interest to sell your car, it is very crucial that you go through the process of free car valuation for your car so as to know the real worth of your car before bargaining on the price at all.

Do you know that there are 3 values for your used car? These three values are:

• The trade-in price: The trade-in price is the lowest or least that will be paid to you by a dealer when he/she buys your car.
• The private party price: The private party price is the price that revolves around what two buyers will bargain or negotiate
• The retail price: the retail price is the price in which a car dealer tends to sell a used car to another interested buyer.

Now, let’s concentrate on the “trade-in price” and “private party price.” We would leave the third value untouched because we are interested in you disposing your vehicle.

It is crucial to understand that the most important step in the entire process is “knowing the condition of your car. “

Determining the value of your used vehicle

For as much that has found themselves pricing a car for sale, we can understand that it is a very tricky thing to do. It is either you price it too low or you price it too high. If you price it too low, you might cheat yourself out of cash needed to compensate for the purchase of your new vehicle, and if you price it too high, you might hardly find a way out to pay for your new and used car at the same time.

Whenever you decide to determine the value of your used car, it is good to consider car buyers that are sound and professional. Expat Car Buyers is a good choice to consider. One of the advantages that you get to have when dealing with us is that “we perform physical car inspection rather than online.”

Free valuation online

In the best interest to serve our customers, we do not offer online car valuation, unlike other companies that do. Other companies provide higher valuation service on their website, but after customers must have contacted them for inspection, they end up getting just half of the online valuation. So the act might only be to attract customers which in the normal sense are not enough.

So rather than evaluating our customer's car online, we negotiate and pick a good date which would be in the best interest of our customer, after which they come to our office for their physical car inspection.