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The Peugeot brand was established by Jean Pierre and Jean Frederic Peugeot, both Frenchmen, in 1810 and over the years, it has made quite a name for itself in the automobile industry as being a producer of reliable and durable vehicles. Peugeot is a part of the Group PSA which consists of other well-known companies that have been attributed with the manufacture of strong vehicles and motorcycles like Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall. Their automobiles have proven to be roadworthy both on race tracks and roads. Here are some of Peugeot's most efficient cars in UAE.


Peugeot 308

This car was originally designed by Stephan Pereux as a replacement for the Peugeot 307 model. It is the first of the X308 Peugeot series and it was launched in 2007. The previously small family car was redesigned and refurbished and now, it has evolved into a fuel efficient and spacious automobile. It constantly adopts new technological improvements to satisfy its ever growing clientele. In 2014, the Peugeot 308 climbed ranks and beat the BMW i3 and even the Tesla Model S and won the European Car of the Year title for its 2013 model. The 2017 Peugeot 308 comes with a new front bumper and bonnet and a new grille design that bears the Peugeot brand logo. Every 308 model has an updated central touchscreen which boasts of the TomTom satellite navigation system and apart from the Active and GTi models, every model now comes with a Panoramic roof. The engine power has also been taken up a notch and it now sports the 1.5HDi engine which produces 130bhp.

Peugeot Partner

If you remember the Citroen Berlingo, you would notice the similarities between it and the Peugeot Partner; they are very identical. This automobile is a reasonably strong and compact van that can be compared with a Ford Transit Connect, Fiat Doblo or VW Caddy. The Peugeot Partner was given a facelift and refitted with a new, better engine in 2015. The 2018 version strongly resembles the Peugeot Rifter MPV and it is bigger, more squarish and this makes it different from the Citroen Berlingo. The new design used for this version makes it appear very much alike as the Peugeot 2008 and3008. In addition to the noticeable change in the exterior's design, it also has more cargo load capacity and can comfortably carry a load of 650kg-1 tonne.

Peugeot 208

This model was designed to replace the Peugeot 207 model and it was officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. The very first model of the Peugeot 208was a hatchback with 3 doors but in 2012, 2 extra doors were added y, making it a 5 door hatched vehicle. This year's version, the 2018 Peugeot 208 has been given a new look; the angles are now sharper and the whole exterior looks sophisticated. It has also been fitted with new technology like the park assist feature, the active city brakes, the reverse camera and so on. The vehicle is also connected to a 3D navigation system.

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