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Opel which was founded by Adam Opel is one of the oldest and well-known automobile manufacturers in the world. It started out as a sewing machine manufacturing company and eventually ventured into manufacturing bicycles and it went into the automobile industry in 1899. The company was later bought by General Motors in 1931 and its headquarters are in Germany. It was again sold to the Groupe PSA, a French-based automobile manufacturing company in 2017 for a whopping sum of 2.2 billion euros. It currently manufactures its cars under the brand, Vauxhall and their major customers are in the United Kingdom. They are known for their relatively affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles with models like the Astra, Corsa, and Insignia being on top of the list.



The Astra name has been in existence since 1979 but the Opel Astra was introduced to the public and was available for purchase in 1991, it was manufactured to replace the Vauxhall Astra Kadett D and E models. The Opel Astra was originally designed as in 3 doors and 5 door hatchback options, wagons, caravans, sedans or Saloon cars. It is famous for how affordable it is, how it saves fuel and its overall performance on the road. Over time, it has been redesigned and the latest model is the 2018 Opel Astra. This particular model can boast of highly efficient top-notch engines, the latest technology and extra space in the interior. It also possesses various engine options ranging from the 1.4L petrol engine that produces power of 99bhp, the 1.0L three-cylinder engine and the 1.4L engine that produces power of 123bhp but can go up to 148bhp, there's another one for people who might be in need of a higher power producing engine; the 1.6L petrol engine. On the outside, the 2018 model looks smaller due to its more compact look but in actuality, it is roomier on the inside. There is little chance that the 2018 Opel Astra would once again clinch the Car of the Year title as it faces stiff competition from cars like the Ford Focus and VW which are in the same range as it is.


This is a family car introduced to the general public in 2008, it was designed to serve as a replacement for the Signum and Vectra models. The Opel Insignia was manufactured in Germany, marketed as the Vauxhall in the United Kingdom, as the Holden in New Zealand and as the Buick Regal in both China and North America. The interior is bigger, the stitching on the interior like the dashboard, for instance, is exquisite and it possesses new technological improvements like a touchscreen which is very easy to use. There is an infotainment center that includes phone connectivity options through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The potential buyers can choose between the 1.6L diesel four-cylinder engine and the 2.0L petrol engine.


This supermini car was produced by Opel and launched in the year 1982. It has been given various nameplates since its manufacture including the Chevrolet, Holden and the Vauxhall. There is a 2018 model of this automobile which has received a boost in the interior; it is more spacious and has more attractive and better surfaces due to the use of high-quality materials. Also, it has the IntelliLink Information system attached which can connect with a smartphone, USB, and Bluetooth. The major feature of this upgraded 2018 model is the 1.0L turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine it sports.

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