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I want to sell my Mini in an hour! It sounded ridiculous in the past but not again since ExpatCarBuyers pioneers the professional car buying industry here in the UAE. We realize Mini is the favorite of our urban folks. Its diminutive structure has made city-driving less stressful even when it is traffic here and there. However, we cannot take it easily just because there are lots of Minis on the roads. In fact, a few limited editions are sold at auctions for insanely high prices. Of course, you do not want to confuse yourself whether to sell it cheap or expensive. Here, we give you a free car inspection conducted by our Mini experts who will assist you during the process of initiation, negotiation, selling, and payment. Selling your Mini to us is your best option because we give you a fair price according to the Mini book value in addition to its latest condition, year, and model. Do not waste your time with strangers who would possibly bid it for prices less than the book value. Only with us, your Mini can be sold in an hour, at a price convenient for you and the market.

Mini is a small-sized, city car produced by British Motor Corporation during the period of 1959-2000. Back in 1960s, its original design was an icon of British popular culture. Despite its popular design, this car was loved mainly because of its space-saving layout allowing 80% of the area to be used for passengers and luggage. History says the innovation of the design was a response to the shortage of fuel availability during the Suez Fuel Crisis. But unpredictably, its fuel-saving characteristic, small structure, and easy handling feature have made it the people’s car. In 1999, the Mini was voted the second world’s most influential car of the 20th century only after Ford Model T. In the period of 1980s-1990s, Mini was once produced as a limited edition but in 2000, it came back to full production. Now, let us talk about the top 3 Minis in the history.


MiniCooper S

Mini Cooper S was originally designed by Frank Stephenson, and consistently evolving in the next generations. In the third generation, this car features a lot of tech upgrades such as Apple CarPlay feature to add its 2.0L engine with 6- or 7-speed Steptronic automatic transmission. An interesting fact, in 1964, 1965, and 1967, the performance versions of this car won the Monte Carlo Rally.

Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman first appeared in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show as the BMW’s first ever Mini crossover SUV. The size is bigger than the precious Cooper and designed for owners who need more space for passengers and cargo. However, in its latest generation, the 2017 model, the car was even made bigger and more powerful with additional 8 inches and a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine as first unveiled in 2016 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Mini Clubman

Mini Clubman is the biggest of all Mini productions so far. It was debuted in 2007 as a small family car and redesigned in the next generation to be the biggest Mini. It is now sportier with bolder, sleeker exterior and technologically enhanced interior.

The mini does not stop improving for the better comfort and performance in its next generations. It would be great to buy the new Mini and sell your old one to us for additional cash. You will even get higher prices if you sell your Mini Cooper S in the limited edition! So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with us and we will pay you in cash in less than hour at our nearest location in the UAE. Where can I sell my Mini? Here, at ExpatCarBuyers, the expert in buying your Mini in the UAE.

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