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Sell My Bugatti

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Known under the ownership of the German automaker, Volkswagen Group, Bugatti was originally a French car company established in the Alsace region, in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti. History has proven Buggati, and his family, are the key to success of the cars in the world of exclusive sports cars. The level of detail of Bugatti’s automobile engineering and the artistic touch of its designs are the result of the artistic nature of Ettore’s family. In fact, Carlo Bugatti, Ettore Bugatti’s father, was a prominent jewelry designer and Art Nouveau furniture. But, the passing of Ettore in 1947 and his last successor, Jean Bugatti put the Bugatti’s empire to the edge. Less than 8,000 units were successfully made before the company underwent a serious financial crisis and its ownership moved to its current owner. Now, the name of Bugatti is still associated with beautiful yet powerful racing cars. And among them, there are 3 Bugattis that are most celebrated in the industry: Bugatti Chiron (2016 – Present), Bugatti Veyron (2005 – Present), and Grand Sport Vitesse (2009 – Present).


Sell My Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron was first seen at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Chiron was designed by Achim Anscheidt as a mid-engined, two-seated sports car following its predecessor Bugatti Veyron. Its name was derived from a race car driver, Louis Chiron who held the most podiums in Bugatti cars. Chiron is outstanding for its sophisticated head-turning style even till now. The latest Chiron is supported with a two-stage turbocharging system that delivers 1,500 hp, carbon ceramic brake discs and calipers with 8 titanium pistons and greater aerodynamics for better efficiency.

Sell My Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Beyron was first unveiled in 2005 with the design by the Josef Kaban of the Volkswagen Group. This mid-engined sports car’s name was derived from a track race driver, Pierre Veyron who brought its final racing success at Le Mans in 1939 with just one car and meagre resources. Veyron’s most applauded was its 8L engine with its 4 turbochargers that delivered 1,001 hp and a top speed of 253 mph. And the same car, 2005 Bugatti Veyron became Top Gear’s Car of the Decade (2000-2009).

Sell My Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

Grand Sport Vitesse was first produced in 2009, and had its other version coming out with a brighter color in 2012. Grand Sport Vitesse was claimed as the fastest car in the world with its quad-turbocharged 8L W16 engine. However, without its hard top, the speed underwent a decrease to 229 mph from 253 mph. The lack of standard roof makes it need a support of adjusted windshields and also running lights with two removable tops. As all expected, the car is also one of the most expensive ever.

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